Oh right, I have a blog

So it is finally spring. I am very disappointed in spring because after all of the rain in April, which I don’t really remember, I thought May would be nice. Nope, it was super hot yesterday. I have been running my air conditioning which is just evil. I don’t even want to see my electric bill.

This would not be so bad if my number 1 distraction, television, was not coming to a end. Several of the shows that I really cared about have already ended. There is now a 19 day gap until shows come back that I may watch. What am I going to do with my life? Go outside? Ugh!!!

I suppose I could try to catch up on old series but I’m not sure which ones to watch. I stopped watching Awkward because just became way too unbelievable. I did manage to catch up on Teen Wolf, which was not that hard to do since there are only 13 episodes in a season.

Maybe I could read? That is so much work! I think instead I will try to get my blog, that I rarely use, to work properly again. Woohoo for crossposting. Can I please give up my LJ account now? Do people even use LiveJournal?

I did like how it let you have moods and little pretty icons next to your post. Does anyone still use LiveJournal? I feel like LiveJournal is to blogging as MySpace is to social media, dead.

Also, yeah, this is really just to see if I crosspost to Tumblr correctly. I don’t think I will because I forgetting seeing the thing that moves my tags over but oh well… 🙂

Quick Review: Revolution – 2.11 – Mis Dos Padres

The run down? We know a tiny tinie bit more about the tech. Miles and Bass really need to stop getting into fights. Connor is a softy, kinda. Charlie is just done with everyone and so is Jason.

You want more? Okay look below the cut my children, look below the cut

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Quick Review: Revolution – 2.10 – The Three Amigos

Well… Then… Okay…

We saw pretty much everyone and their father. No literally, Grandpa Gene is back, woohoo!

You want more? Check out the cut my friends, check out the cut

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Quick Review: The Originals – 1.09 Reigning Pain in New Orleans

Oh boy!  How do I even start this one?  UGH!!!  I just do not know.

Everyone showed up to dinner, some people had food, some people had blood, and some people walked away from the table being totally unfilled.  Sounds a lot like a traditional Thanksgiving right?

Okay the snapshot:  Everyone was in this episode, literally everyone and their mother, okay at least their father.  M3, Hayley, Marcel, Davina, Cami, that Father guy whose name I keep forgetting, various vampires, some werewolves that Hayley is related to, and some humans.  Pretty much all “important” humans besides Cami and her uncle die.  Everyone else makes it through the episode in pretty good shape.

Oh you want more?  You know what to do

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Quick Review: Once Upon A Time – 03.09 Save Henry

Was it just me or did anyone else go, but we already this part when Once started?

The quick recap: Henry doesn’t have a heart, everyone in his family is trying to get it back to him, except Pan, that’s right Peter Pan is Henry’s Great Grand Dad.  There are also some Lost Boys and a good dose of Regina.  You want more? You know what to do

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Quick Review: Revolution – 2.09 Everyone Says I Love You

Well, that just was straight out of left field.  Okay not really but still.  Here is a little paragraph about the happenings for tonight:

Aaron and Cynthia escape!  Charlie prefects the art of tracking while snarky.  Miles really needs to find a doctor and so does Rachel.  Bass makes some interesting choices.  Tom and Jason see things that cannot be unseen.

You want more?  You know what to do…

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Quick Review: Once Upon A Time – 3.08 Think Lovely Thoughts

Let me start off by throwing my hands up in the air.  I am done!  Seriously, this show has the worst track record for positive resolution!  Yes, there was resolution but still.  UGH!

The  Quickfire Lowdown:  O-M-G they actually storm Pan’s camp.  Unfortunately he is not there, bummer.  Pan has taken Henry to Skull Rock (insert gifset parallel here, not that I have one).  Wendy only cares about saving her Brothers.  No one believes Rumple.  Emma does magic. The show ends with “#SaveHenry”.  Oh and we will be back in two weeks, so that’s after the U.S. Thanksgiving for those of you playing at home.

You want more you say? Well be warned, this will probably end up being more of a rant than a review.

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Quick Review: Revolution – 2.08 Come Blow Your Horn

More like come waste 60 minutes of my life!  To say that I was unimpressed with this episode is putting it mildly.  Especially after last week’s episode where the entire thing revolved around characters that I was just not really that interested in.

So here is the low down: Aaron gets kidnapped.  Gene gets kidnapped.  Tom and Jason exercise their right to manipulate and torture. The Matheson Clan does some cooking and kidnapping.  Monroe is around for about two seconds, seriously, if you blinked you probably missed him.  Horn has daddy issues.

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Quick Review: The Originals – 1.07 Bloodletting

How do I even summarize this episode in one paragraph?  Hmm… A special guest star shows up and causes trouble for the Mikaelson brothers.  Rebekah yet again has to endure some more biblical undertones.  Oh, and Davina gets a new friend.  Yep, that should do it!

So you want the real low down.  Here we go:

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At Last A Gif!

I finally managed to do one for my LJ profile.


Sure it’s super grainy and all but still, I MADE IT!!  I also am really sure that it will be the only one I make for quiet some time as it is a pain to make.  4 hours for something that is literally only 9 frames!  I was looking through some of my previous work and I think I managed to preserve the color quality better.  Although I do not know if that is because I was using Photoshop or because I had much more patience.