Oh right, I have a blog

So it is finally spring. I am very disappointed in spring because after all of the rain in April, which I don’t really remember, I thought May would be nice. Nope, it was super hot yesterday. I have been running my air conditioning which is just evil. I don’t even want to see my electric bill.

This would not be so bad if my number 1 distraction, television, was not coming to a end. Several of the shows that I really cared about have already ended. There is now a 19 day gap until shows come back that I may watch. What am I going to do with my life? Go outside? Ugh!!!

I suppose I could try to catch up on old series but I’m not sure which ones to watch. I stopped watching Awkward because just became way too unbelievable. I did manage to catch up on Teen Wolf, which was not that hard to do since there are only 13 episodes in a season.

Maybe I could read? That is so much work! I think instead I will try to get my blog, that I rarely use, to work properly again. Woohoo for crossposting. Can I please give up my LJ account now? Do people even use LiveJournal?

I did like how it let you have moods and little pretty icons next to your post. Does anyone still use LiveJournal? I feel like LiveJournal is to blogging as MySpace is to social media, dead.

Also, yeah, this is really just to see if I crosspost to Tumblr correctly. I don’t think I will because I forgetting seeing the thing that moves my tags over but oh well… 🙂

Personal Note: Being art-y again!

I made a new icon, which I’ve not done for ages.  I’m so proud!  It has to be smaller than I wanted it to be for LJ but I like all the same.

I did try to make an animated GIF but failed epically because I do not know how to compress images in GIMP like I used to know how to do in Photoshop.  Plus animated GIFS take forever!!!  I think I’ll stick to still images.


Putting some Visual Art back into Artistic Blunders

I am very proud of myself right now!  I finally got around to updating my layout and have added back some of the original banners from when Artistic Blunders was using Movable Type.  It took some work and the banners do not look exactly like they did when they were in Movable Type but I am pretty happy with them.  You’ll only see them on my weblog (sorry I don’t know how to put them on tumblr or LJ in a rotating format).

Although most of my art is now done via writing I wanted to let you all know about my pretty banners (made like 6 years ago so don’t judge me okay).

So come on and check them out http://artistic.odarkthirty.net

Movie: Labyrinth | Character: Sarah Williams

Movie: Labyrinth | Character: Sarah Williams

Tv Show: Angel | Characters: Fred Burkle, Wesley Pryce, Charles Gunn

Tv Show: Angel | Characters: Fred Burkle, Wesley Pryce, Charles Gunn

Tv Show: The X-files | Characters: Dana Scully, Fox Mulder

Tv Show: The X-files | Characters: Dana Scully, Fox Mulder



Moved LJ

I have moved my LJ from artisticblunder to damagedgirlnet because Laney said I could.  Well also she has a paid LJ that she isn’t using anymore because she prefers tumblr.

I like tumblr, LJ, WordPress, FB, Twitter, so I am taking over. 😀

Long time no see?

Did you miss me?  I missed you!!!!  Okay not enough to keep posting or writing or anything but I am back now for a little bit anyway.  Summer TV is about to wrap up so I decided to make a list of shows that I am planning on watching in the Fall.

There are no new shows listed at all.  So if you know of a new show that you think I should watch let me know.  Just go click on this link: What to Watch?

Then submit any comments back on this post. Yay!

I know…. I know!

Yes, it has been forever since I’ve updated.  I didn’t even add the latest chapter to Belonging here yet.  I will, this weekend, I swear!

Anyway the New Year has been kind of interesting for me so far but right now I am her to rant 😀

[start rants]
TV Rant:

There are currently too many shows that I watch for me to properly review any of them. Seriously.  I may do a end of the month update summing up my thoughts but since it is Winter I am feeling lazy because I don’t get to see the sun enough.

Life Rant:
Who heck forgot to pay the stupid lighting bill?  Seriously!  I mean I never get to the sun anymore! And when it is sunny I only get to see the sun for like 15 minutes when I go out to get my lunch. I hate winter with a passion.  I need to move some where else so that when the sun decides to only shine for 5 hours a day it is not so freaking cold outside that I am not able to go outside and see it.  I miss the sun 🙁

Work Rant:
Somehow, and really this isn’t all that mysterious because I am the most junior member of my team, I got stuck with a task that is just as tedious as adjusting pictures for my father in photoshop. Oh and another admin task that isn’t going to be helpful to me at all as a Management Analyst.  That being said, I have to start my mantra of, I am lucky to have a job, I am lucky to have a job that I don’t have to commute a total of two hours to, everyone always gets stuck with tasks they don’t like.  If I keep saying those things I will feel better. Okay…
[/end rants]

Well laters! I promise that my next update will be… Okay I don’t promise that… Um… I promise that a future update will be more interesting to you (ie – some TV review or Fic Update)

Happy 2012!

Hello internets! It’s a brand new year!

Did you do anything fun for New Years Eve?  I got very drunk and liveblogged NYE. It was fun.  Some of you may say, well why didn’t you go out with your friends, do you not have a life?

Well I have done the whole going out on NYE thing, it is always awkward and costs too much money.  I am not a big fan of house parties because there are always people there that you don’t know and again it is awkward. Now this might be because I don’t drink often and therefore after like two drinks I am pretty much drunk off my @$$. But lets just say I would like to start the New Year with the same friends that I had in the previous year, and the best way for me to do that, stay at home away from other people, or don’t drink.

Yes, I am weird. I have accepted that.

Anyway now on to the important stuff.  TV Stuff of course!

Read more blunders

Life Ranting and Rejoicing

So… There is no new tv for me to rant about. It has been a while since I’ve done a post about myself though which is not as interesting but still this is my blog, so there 😛

I find that lately I have been more stomach sick than normal. I think it has to do with the fact that I keep making myself eat non-lactose reduced products. I have not decided if that is really it though, but it seems like the likely culprit. Besides, I would rather it be that than anything to do with my liver. I have been getting such a good clean bills of health for my liver so I do not want to find out that something is amiss. I should probably go to my liver doctor but she is going to make me have more blood drawn, and do one of those fasting tests. I have done those, they are not fun. Let’s review.

You are told not to eat anything after midnight. Then you are forced to go to one of those corporate labs to have your blood drawn. You know the ones that I’m talking about, they are the same ones that you get sent to if you have to do drug testing for your job or for their probation officer. So, while you sit there with all the people who need drug tests, you also have the sick people around you, who cough on you; it is just fun all around. Finally, two hours after you arrived, your name is called. Keep in mind by now it is 11 am, why? These corporate labs are only open from 9 AM to 5 PM, and are closed one hour for lunch. By the time someone comes to draw the 5 vales of blood and you are out of the door it is around 11:45 AM.

You just had blood taken out of you and you have not eaten for almost 12 hours now, possibly more. You are starving, you can’t see straight, you need food. Major problem, you are in one of those corporate office parks because that’s where they put these stupid corporate labs. So you stumble your way to your car, which is parked nowhere near the entrance to the lab because the person who designed this office park clearly was high when then did so. You finally get to your car and begin your desperate search for the nearest fast food place, because at this point you don’t care, you just need food.
A week later you wake up sick, and you wonder why? Could it have anything to do with that blood test you took last week? Hmm, maybe, maybe not.
So that is why I don’t feel like going to the doctor, I do not want to go through any of that.

Instead, I will spend the next two days ignoring my symptoms, because on Thursday something magical will happen! No, I’m not getting a new liver, although really I think I should just get one because I was good girl this year. Damnit, all those times I asked Santa for a pony, I should have been asking him for a new liver! Talk about opportunities wasted! Anyway, something magical will happen because I will be transformed.

I will no longer be an undergraduate student. I will walk across that stage, shake the hand of a bunch of people and will have completed my undergraduate career, with honors! All of those nights of not sleeping, of driving back and forth 1 hour each way to school will have finally paid off! I will officially have my BA in Psychology. YES!!!! I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!
Oh that reminds me, I have to send out the directions to the restaurant. I hope they have steak there, or lobster, I will take either 😀 Whomever said I was a cheap date was wrong, just saying.

So that is what has been going on and why I have not been a very good friend or fan fiction writer lately. I have been busy finishing up my senior year projects. Of course now I don’t have an excuse anymore. o_0 Crap, I’m in trouble now. Maybe I should pop out a kid real quick; that can be my next excuse for not finishing a story. Yeah…


Okay my friends, I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season and I can’t wait to see you, figuratively speaking of course, next year!

A non-Thanksgiving GG

So this weekend was Thanksgiving weekend here.  Which means, as always, I was behind in my blogging.  Eh, I try. I have a presentation that I should really be working on instead of doing this, but I don’t wanna!

So let’s see, there really wasn’t much going on in TV Land this week, I can’t even really remember what was on because mostly things were either specials or reruns

I guess there is always Gossip Girl

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Everything Is Wonderful

Well…. For once this week I only have to go to college one day!  Thank you Thanksgiving!  I am super excited about it too, only 3 working days, how awesome!

Work, well now that creepy weird guy is like doing 20 laps around my cubical, thank god for earphones, I’m just saying.  Other than the fact that all of the males at my work place have no idea what sexual harassment means I like my job.  And I don’t have to deal with the people that annoy me a lot of the time.

So this week in TV Land…. Continue reading