I know…. I know!

Yes, it has been forever since I’ve updated.  I didn’t even add the latest chapter to Belonging here yet.  I will, this weekend, I swear!

Anyway the New Year has been kind of interesting for me so far but right now I am her to rant 😀

[start rants]
TV Rant:

There are currently too many shows that I watch for me to properly review any of them. Seriously.  I may do a end of the month update summing up my thoughts but since it is Winter I am feeling lazy because I don’t get to see the sun enough.

Life Rant:
Who heck forgot to pay the stupid lighting bill?  Seriously!  I mean I never get to the sun anymore! And when it is sunny I only get to see the sun for like 15 minutes when I go out to get my lunch. I hate winter with a passion.  I need to move some where else so that when the sun decides to only shine for 5 hours a day it is not so freaking cold outside that I am not able to go outside and see it.  I miss the sun 🙁

Work Rant:
Somehow, and really this isn’t all that mysterious because I am the most junior member of my team, I got stuck with a task that is just as tedious as adjusting pictures for my father in photoshop. Oh and another admin task that isn’t going to be helpful to me at all as a Management Analyst.  That being said, I have to start my mantra of, I am lucky to have a job, I am lucky to have a job that I don’t have to commute a total of two hours to, everyone always gets stuck with tasks they don’t like.  If I keep saying those things I will feel better. Okay…
[/end rants]

Well laters! I promise that my next update will be… Okay I don’t promise that… Um… I promise that a future update will be more interesting to you (ie – some TV review or Fic Update)

Everything Is Wonderful

Well…. For once this week I only have to go to college one day!  Thank you Thanksgiving!  I am super excited about it too, only 3 working days, how awesome!

Work, well now that creepy weird guy is like doing 20 laps around my cubical, thank god for earphones, I’m just saying.  Other than the fact that all of the males at my work place have no idea what sexual harassment means I like my job.  And I don’t have to deal with the people that annoy me a lot of the time.

So this week in TV Land…. Continue reading

Such a nice day for a blog

I am so excited to be able to write again.  It is super nice after being away for so long.  I mean, I know, I could have written before but there were two things holding me back

  1. I was super sad when I found out that Liz Caswell stole Evie Giles and turned her into Chloe King
  2. I still hated my theme

Now, I am still sad about the whole Chloe King thing, she hasn’t said anything by the way, but I love my theme.  I can tell because I come here just to stare and stare at it.  It is so nice, and so well organized.  Thank you so much Laney (she opened a tumblr, I will get her to blog again soon too).

Okay so I have decided that since I am going to be blogging again I might do something that I haven’t done in forever and a day.  There used to be this site, I don’t remember the name, that did like play-by-play, or instant reviews, of Angel (at least I think it was Angel).  I thought it was fun so I did it too.  I think I will start again.  I like writing my thoughts about what I see on TV.

However here are some problems with this:

  1. I don’t like to watch live, I am so used to having a DVR
  2. I actually live blog with my twin a lot so that makes it hard to live blog and write my reactions
  3. If I don’t watch live I have a tendency to fast forward through parts that bore me.
  4. No reads this blog but me and a few other people (maybe) so what is the point really?
  5. What if you hate me after you see how I feel about other characters that you love on a show?
  6. I tend to be very judgmental of TV Characters because they aren’t real; so in other words I can be really mean if I don’t like them.

Yeah, those are issues.  I don’t know.  I guess we will see what happens.

*Looks to Tags* (Secret: I tag posts before I write them so I can remember what I wanted to talk about)

I watched Suburgatory last night with my twin; it was so much fun!!!  I love that so much.  It reminds me of how I felt growing up in my old neighborhood.  I mean retrospectively my life was so much better than I thought it was but I felt like a lot of my neighbors were just a tad psycho. 😀

Criminal Minds, wow!  It was so scary!  I was horribly put off by the storyline of Rossi and his ex-wife though.  Especially because of what happened (yes I am trying to keep this spoiler free).  I just feel like there were so many other ways that the writers could have handled that whole situation.  Like they were reaching for a way to make Rossi interesting, and just failed epically.

I would like to seem the deal more with the integration of Emily and JJ back into the team; because team work is suppose to be so crucial for them, but they both lied to the time.  And I want to see how mad Spencer is with Hotch.  I loved that line “I can’t be made at Hotch, I didn’t spend six weeks crying at his house.”  Oh Spencer, let me love you!  😀

So now for my random creepy work moment.  I was in the elevator on the way up to my cubical and one of the people that works on the same floor that I see every now and again said hi to me.  I nodded; and then he had the nerve to touch me on the arm.  I think he must have saw my face because he withdrew his hand very quickly.  Here is my big issue, I am not a touchy feel person, especially with coworkers.  I am a hugger with my family and friends, but with coworkers I believe you have to keep your hands to yourself unless you really know them.  I DON’T EVEN KNOW THIS GUYS NAME!!!  HE IS NOT ON MY TEAM! I HAVE NEVER WORKED ON A SINGLE PROJECT WITH HIM! I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT HIS FUNCTION HERE IS!!

I felt like screaming: “Stay Back!”

I'll Cut You!

Sorry for all the yelling, but it freaked me out beyond believe. Anyway, like I said, I don’t know if he saw my facial reaction, but I clearly took one big step away from him.  I am very sure he saw that.

But what do you do in situations like that?  I mean do you tell people you don’t like to be touched? I didn’t say anything because it has only happened that one time.  But I don’t want it to happen again. If it happens again I guess I will have to say something.  But what do I say?  Ugh!?!  Why me!

(note: not my gif)

The second to last Friday in h-e-double-l

Yes! I didn’t think that I would make it but I did! This is my second to last Friday! Wow!

A lot has happened in the last week. I had an appointment with a hand specialist and they decided that the lump on my wrist is a cyst and that’s what’s causing me so much pain!

They were able to schedule my surgery for next week! Awesome, right? Yeah not so much cause have a ton of prep-work to do before the surgery. Hopefully I can get it all done before Tuesday night!

I am still excited though. Cause that means even less time at work than before. I actually have less than a week left because of the surgery. How many people do you know who are more excited about having surgery than going to work? Just goes to show you how bad it really is there.

One nice thing is that one of my coworkers is having a going away lunch for me. Of course he isn’t on my team or is my supervisor. I am actually hoping my supervisor doesn’t show up!!!! It would be so awkward!!!!

While I better go back. I am just at lunch now. At least the day is half over!!! 😉

Great, just got a call.  There are some emergencies in the OR and so now they don’t think my surgery will be next week.  That sucks!  They are going to call on Monday to be sure.  I guess I will just prepare like it is going to happen but not expect it to.

Alright! New Job!

So, my third new job in less than a year!  To be fair this would not have happened if I had been able to stay at my first new job this year.  Had I been able to stay, which was not an option because the director who brought me on pissed off the main director so to get back at him she told him that they had to get rid of me, I would have not looked for another new job at all.  In fact I would probably be just happy to sit in my little office.

However, life didn’t work out that way and I got shipped of to another job in hell!  I didn’t think that it was going to be hell at first but seriously I am down right bullied by one of my co-workers, who is suppose to be my back-up, and my supervisor doesn’t do a thing about it.  In fact she scolds me in front of my coworker all the time!  Now granted, as I have mentioned, I have not been the best employee, I’ve gotten super behind in my work, but I have really tried to catch up.  And I am not as motivated as I used to be.  But they did not make it any easier for me to be there, everyone else was pretty much nice.  Except for this one guy who is a total skeeze!  Seriously, he was always talking to other people about the different women that he has slept with.  He is married too!  There was this one person who came into the office to visit and he was flirting with her with no shame like he wasn’t married at all, and the woman was young enough to be his daughter.  He is just gross.

Anyway, I’m so glad to be leaving there, I am sorry, I may be a snob, but I am just more used to being around people who speak proper English and not ebonics.  Oh and people who actually respect women.  Ugh!  This place is awful and I don’t understand why any woman works there other than the fact that it would be an EEO violation if there weren’t women there.  I swear this place is just a bad good old boys environment.

But it’s soon over, in about 6 weeks, hopefully less, I will be starting in my new job and I will have my own cubical!  Yes!  I’m so excited!  Maybe I will even be able to write again because I won’t be so depressed from work!

Okay I better get back to my homework now.  I just had to share my good news!

Things I Have Learned at My First Week of Work:

1)  You can get an secure building so long as you have a valid badge.  It just takes longer when your badge isn’t coded to that building.

2)  When Security tells you that it’s only going to take them a few minutes to do something it really takes them a lot longer

3)  When you go the Security Office always have two forms of ID otherwise you will be turned away!

4)  Let the nice, overly push person in the office get you office supplies.  Otherwise you might be waiting weeks to get a stapler.

5)  Start learning multiple ways to get the snack machine.

6)  Breakfast is better and cheaper than lunch.

7)  Always have at least $20 in cash on you because WMATA can shut down their debt/credit card system whenever they want for whatever length of time they want.

8)  You can install the weirdest things on your computer but certain Microsoft Chat applications are not allowed because they are considered counter productive.

9)  Smile, a lot, even if your head is pounding and you think your face is broken

10)  Never trust the Admin Assistants to the bosses.  They are probably more than just Admin Assistants and you don’t want to say anything too  outlandish the first few weeks anyway.

11)  Always look out of the elevator before you step off.  You could be stepping right into the boss’s, boss’s, boss if you are not careful!

The New Job

So I started my new job on Monday.  So far it has gone like this.  1) No computer access, 2) Must still recode badge, 3) Emails not being sent to me, 4) Doing other people’s work because I’m so bored that I have a headache!

At least it is not stressful.  The only problem is that with out the stress I’m really sleepy.  Although that could be because I haven’t had a cup of coffee in like 3 days!  I just can’t when I get here in the morning because it’s too hot.  Then when I finally think about it I cannot be bothered to go to the cafeteria because I feel like they are going to charge an arm and a leg.

I guess I will start having to bring my own coffee and by one of those Britta Water pitcher things.  Cause I just cannot bring myself to drink tap water.

Ugh, I feel sick again.  I wish there was somewhere I could go take a nap.  LOL!  I brought my lunch today but the thought of it is making me sick.  I think I’ll eat it tomorrow.

Tales of a working girl…

Whose days are numbered….

So I start a new job on August 2nd.  Yes, I am super excited about it!  My commute is going to be like doubled but I don’t care because I will be away from my current job, which was the whole point.

Anyway one of the “new” employees started here today.  I want to know who raised her because my momma would never let me out of house looking as much of a hot mess as she does!  I am serious!  And you know I don’t brake out Ghetto Anna for nothin’!

I mean she isn’t unfortunate looking but her clothes fit her all wrong.  She has this pink ruffled top on that has a ruching going down the center of the top.  And it’s hot pink, not just pink.  I would never wear that on the first day of a job that I want people to take me serious at!.  And her skirt, omg!  It’s so freaking tight I’m surprised it doesn’t bust open when she sits down in it.

I just don’t understand people.  Were are the days of fashion from the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Sure there was a lot of messed up political stuff and racial riots, and no I don’t agree with what happened back then.  But but back then men and women knew how to dress.  Don’t believe me.  Just watch Revolutionary Road.  Such a sad move but such wonderful clothes!!!

Okay thus endeth my rant for the hour.