New Journal


Much thanks goes out to [info]damagedgirlnet who was able to figure out why I had to delete my old journal. My e-mail account was full so I wasn’t getting any e-mail even though I thought I was. So I asked [info]damagedgirlnet just to invite me again to LiveJournal and have it sent to my new e-mail address. Anyway [info]damagedgirlnet was finally able to figure out how to get back into since I lost the password and reset my e-mail account, which now means [info]annabellecrane is gone.

So brand new journal. Not a lot to say. I’m back in MD cause Boston is just way to cold. I ended up renewing even though I couldn’t remember how to access its control panel. I’ve moved all the fanlistings on Gifted onto so yay!

Other than that not much else going on. See what did I tell you, boring!