You down wit’ OCD…

USA is evil. Ever since they aired that You down wit’ OCD video I have the song stuck in my head. So I went online this morning and looked and they have a full 60 second version now stuck in my head. Of course I’m probably gonna have to find the the OPP version in order to really get it out of my head. Sigh!

Okay so I’ve decided that there really isn’t any good TV on right now which upsets me. I was hoping after the new year I would have some new episodes of my favorite shows but no… Crossing Jordan, I really only watched it because at the time I wanted Woody and Jordan together, now though it seems like anyway they try to put them together would just be too contrived.

Scrubs, so far hasn’t disappointed except they did air a rerun already, the season just started!

House, I’m so glad that stupid cop is gone. Maybe without that arc going on I’ll actually like the show again.

Bones, reruns!

OTH, returns tonight and drama ensues. I <3 OTH no matter what, except that It’s A Wonderful OTH eppy. I hated that one. Other than that I <3 OTH!

Got to run, time for work!

hell, or something close too it

So I feel like I’m dying. I have this horrible cold and it’s just awful. On top of that I got my period last night which was so not fun. I always get so sick so now I really reallyfeel like I’m dying.

Nothing else exciting going on. I’ve been keeping up with the LonelyGirl15 vlogs cause at first I liked them but then they started to get stupid and a little outrageous but now I really want to know what is going to happen so I keep subjecting myself to them. Crazy!