So I’m really bad at this whole journal thing. Okay what has been going on? Not much, but guess what. A few people have commented on some stories that I wrote over at FFnet and that made me feel really good. I might even be inspired to write more!

  helped me fix Happly Ever Afters – The Fredless Fanlisting, the links weren’t pointing the right way. And I helped her set up her fanfiction archive for Wilson/Cameron fics. I’m excited about this because the site will soon be open to everyone. She asked me to be a mod but I don’t wanna.

I’m also trying to get more involved with the Wilson/Cameron community but it is hard because I also <3 Chase/Cameron. That of course is totally being ruined by what is happening on the show! I thought Chase/Cameron would be cute little shipper bunnies but now I’m not so sure. I find myself feeling bad for Chase and really mad at Cam and then being mad at Chase. I’m feel bad for Chase because of how Cameron is treating him. I am mad at Cameron for being such a brat with Chase because he’s just so pretty you shouldn’t be mean to him. And then I’m mad at Chase because I think he should stand up to Cameron but he wont because as Cuddy and House said:

Cuddy: She’s pretty
House: She’s pretty.
Cuddy:Men are stupid
House: I’m with you so far

Yeah. Oh I ship Cuddy/House btw. I’m sorry I can’t see him with anyone else. I didn’t buy it when he was with Stacey. And I don’t buy it that Cuddy is really over House. House should just call the Make A Wish foundation and get it over with!

Thus endeth my rant. Oh wait but I forgot about Bones! I ship Bones/Booth! AHOY THE SHIP!

Okay that’s all for now. TTFN!