Wow! Long time no post!

So I’ve been lurking. What can I say. Live is so crazy right now. Today I actually left work early. I went home sick. Oh well. I feel much better now. I’m going to make some Mac and Cheese later for dinner.

What’s going on? Not much. I should totally be studying right now because I have an exam on Thursday that I’m totally not ready for but oh well. I’ll do it in a minute. Plus I’ll stay up late all night tomorrow anyway. I study best while cramming. Bad I know but I pay super good attention in class so it works for me.


Not much going on. I moved  Happily Ever Afters – A Fredless fanlisting yet again. I had to. Laney (

) closed Ensanity and opened ODarkThirty[dot]net. Crazy! She was going to do Overdosing[dot]net but decided to wait on that one. I might mover my fanlisting yet again. We’ll see.

Gifted closed. I was talking to someone who wanted to keep the site going but I couldn’t get the files packed enough so that they could be sent through e-mail and I tried e-mailing said person a few times to see if we could setup a megadownload thingy but nothing ever came of that. I’m kind of glad though. I think Gifted’s time was over. If I decided to open it again it will be on a much smaller scale, fanfiction only. Which means you might see it on overdosing or odarkthirty[dot]net in a year or so. =D

That’s it really. Nothing else going on. Hope everyone is good in cyberland!

Oh has anyone tried SecondLife? I don’t like it much. Too much lag time, and I have cable internet too! Crazy!

Please post a reply to my entry. Maybe I will be nice and post up a short little story. I’m totally not above bribing people!

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