The Tale of a Lump Named Annabelle

This weekend was a total lump weekend.  It rained, it was hot, and it was sticky.  So what better thing to do than to catch up on all of my TV shows, eat junk, and let my brain melt.  Woohoo!

So yep, that pretty much sums it up.  I did go get my hair done which took five hours!!!  I went to the hair school which is supposed to save me money but I swear it only saved me like 20 dollars!  I guess that is better than nothing.  Still next time I’ll save even more.  I am never, ever getting highlights again!  I don’t care what they have to do to my hair they are not going to put damn bleach in it because they always lift too much color out!  I am serious!  I have almost jet black hair, it’s like darker than dark brown, and they manage to turn it blond!  With a volume 5 developer!  Clearly my hair gets color lifted from it too easily.  Next time, I want one color but with dimension, no bleach because while my hair does not take color well it bleaches out like crazy!

I took two inches off, which seems like a lot to me but no one said anything about my hair at all.  Granted, I have like 22 inches of hair but still!  I would have thought that someone would noticed.  Maybe tomorrow.  Seriously though, I swear like half of my hair is gone!  Layers are so much fun!

Anyway, not much else happened.  I started to read Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies but I haven’t gotten that far.  I keep getting sucked in to Gossip Girl fan fiction.  Sigh!  I love Chuck and Blair, don’t get me wrong.  But when I read fan fiction I love to read Dair, aka Dan and Blair!  I know it will never happen on the show but they are just too cute together!  DAIR!

Okay, I’m going downstairs to take another TUMS.  This heartburn is killing me.  I refuse to take anything else after reading about all the issues that they are now finding with Prilosec.  Hopefully this will stop soon though.  I hate this acid feeling.

The One with the Prefect Storm

So this is my very first Glee post.  What can I say about Glee?  What can’t I say about Glee?  Glee is everything!  Without Glee there is no sunshine, there is no water, there is no air!  Glee is life!  Learn it, live it, love it!

If you have not watched this show then rent the first have of the season through Netflix, at least the first disc, and give it a chance.  No, this is not your kid sister’s High School Music.  This is Glee!  Packed full of drama, great cover songs, and just in case that isn’t enough it is funny as he**!

So what could make this even better?  Well Joss Whedon!  Heck yeah! (spoilers below, readers beware)

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Finally Finale TV!

So I’m almost all caught up on all of my shows!  I’m so happy 😀  I got to watch 3 hours of Grey’s because I haven’t seen it two weeks.  I got to see House.  I got through one of the two Bones episodes that I missed.  Of course, I watched GG, I’m sad about that but more in a minute.  Let’s see, watched the new Matt Smith Doctor Who, eh…  And Glee of course!

I still have a few shows in my DVR to get through which is a good thing as Netflix still needs to send me an DVD to watch.

So below are my thoughts for the following: House, Grey’s, and GG.  If you haven’t seen the season finales for these shows turn back now…

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TV, I Miss You So Much!

So it’s finals week.  I just finished my final paper and one of my final exams yesterday.  The final paper, well I think it was well written but I didn’t get time to finish editing it before I had to turn it in.  So we will see about that.  The final exam, I think I got enough right to get me an A in the class.

The sad part is that my DVR is storing up with all of my favorite shows and is taunting me.  I still have one final project to finish and one more exam to study for.  Gah!  This weekend I want to just sit at home and catch up on all of my favorite shows.  I need to know what happens in the House Finale!  And GG Finale!  And Bones! And 30 Rock!  And Glee!  I could go on, but I won’t.  It just makes me sad.  Why?  Because I can’t sit home and watch my favorite shows.  Nope!  I previously committed to going to NYC this weekend with one of my friends, Maria.  So I cannot become a lump on my couch this weekend.

I miss being a lump!  I miss TV!

Procrastination, how I loath thee

I should be working my methods paper.  I really should, but right my excuse is that instead of working on the methods paper I am trying to get rid of my headache so I can focus on the methods paper.  I really should just go work on the methods paper.  I think I have to find to articles to go with said paper too.  Maybe I’ll find the articles, read them, and write the reference sheet, that way I’m not stressing about that part tomorrow.  I always do the reference sheet last.  Bad idea.

Oh I also have to write the intro for this paper.  I put a place holder for it because I didn’t know what to put but now I actually have to write something for it.  I think I’ll work on that tomorrow too.  Introductions are hard.  I honestly think that they should be the last thing that you write because you have to know what you are introducing to write the introduction.  With that reasoning you have to know what you have written in order to introduce it.  See it is a vicious cycle!

Question, can you use cycle and cyclical together in the same sentence?  It seems kind redundant to me but I always want to put them together, like a cyclical cycle.  I think it looks neat!

In the ever dangerous suburbs, these are my stories

So clearly I have been watching way too many Law & Order type shows.  I mean I really do watch them a lot.  I used to watch the “Mothership”, SVU, and CI.  Now though I don’t watch any of them.  I do watch Criminal Minds and NCIS sometimes now.  Anyway the reason that I am bringing this up is because I was at lunch with one of my friends, Peggy, the other day.  She made a comment that she had to remember to lock the car door; my car does not have automatic locks even though it’s a 2008.  I replied that, I had to remember to unlock the door so that I could get out.  She didn’t question or give me a weird look but I said, I don’t know for some reason I always lock the door when I get in the car.  My mom never did, she said how would police get to you if you locked the car door.  I told Peggy I always lock the door because if the police can’t get to me with the “Jaws of Life” there clearly I have bigger issues to be worrying about.  Peggy agreed with me.
I further explained that I didn’t want anyone to get in the car because I left the door unlocked.  Because I could be stopped on the road and then someone decides to attack me or needs a get away car and tries to open my door.  But they won’t be able to because my door is locked.  Peggy gave me a look.  I told her, yeah I might be paranoid.  I clearly have watched too much Law & Order, but it does happen!  Peggy agrees that yes it does happen and that I watch too much TV.  She is right, but really I am such a boring person since I’m so busy with school that TV is kind of like my vacation in my mind.  I should start hiking or something.  But then some weird prison escapee will attack me in the forest or something!  LOL!

Post from mobile portal

Hello, is there anyone out there?

So, I have been horrible at posting or logging on to LJ.  I just am really bad at it.  I am hoping now that I can do mobile posting that I’ll be better but we will see.

Okay so I have moved, again, in I don’t know how many years but this time, this time it is different.  I am in my forever home!  Or Furever as the say at the MSPCA.

Emmitt and I moved in at the end of Feb.  It’s great.  We love it!  Well I love it, Emmitt is just happy that I’m not going to move him around anymore because he really hates moving.

We have a real bed!  I got it at Ikea and I put it together myself!  Isn’t that something?

Okay so lets see.  Well I work now for a federal agency.  My office is full of people who are older than me and just two people that are younger and very much younger than I am, but they both think I’m there age, lucky me 😀

I actually don’t like my job right now because they are making me do the old office work that no one wants to do but I have to do because I was the only one trained in it.  Only the only thing that I have been hearing is how that whole section that I used to work in has been doing everything wrong for the last ever!  It doesn’t really motivate me to go back there.  I don’t have a choice!  Plus there is this really b**tchy girl who works there now.  She is really kind of s**ty too.  She has a boyfriend but she flirts with like everyone!  Especially our "acting" director, whom is actually probably going to become our director.  Anyway, she doesn’t like me and she lets me know it but everyone thinks she is so sweet.  Ugh!!

So I am going to social work school!  I’m going into the last year of my program this fall.  I am so proud!  I finally found something that I want to go to school for!

Well everyone, I hope if you are still around LJ that you enjoy reading this!  Please comment below if you want me to add you and please add me!