Things I Have Learned at My First Week of Work:

1)  You can get an secure building so long as you have a valid badge.  It just takes longer when your badge isn’t coded to that building.

2)  When Security tells you that it’s only going to take them a few minutes to do something it really takes them a lot longer

3)  When you go the Security Office always have two forms of ID otherwise you will be turned away!

4)  Let the nice, overly push person in the office get you office supplies.  Otherwise you might be waiting weeks to get a stapler.

5)  Start learning multiple ways to get the snack machine.

6)  Breakfast is better and cheaper than lunch.

7)  Always have at least $20 in cash on you because WMATA can shut down their debt/credit card system whenever they want for whatever length of time they want.

8)  You can install the weirdest things on your computer but certain Microsoft Chat applications are not allowed because they are considered counter productive.

9)  Smile, a lot, even if your head is pounding and you think your face is broken

10)  Never trust the Admin Assistants to the bosses.  They are probably more than just Admin Assistants and you don’t want to say anything too  outlandish the first few weeks anyway.

11)  Always look out of the elevator before you step off.  You could be stepping right into the boss’s, boss’s, boss if you are not careful!

The New Job

So I started my new job on Monday.  So far it has gone like this.  1) No computer access, 2) Must still recode badge, 3) Emails not being sent to me, 4) Doing other people’s work because I’m so bored that I have a headache!

At least it is not stressful.  The only problem is that with out the stress I’m really sleepy.  Although that could be because I haven’t had a cup of coffee in like 3 days!  I just can’t when I get here in the morning because it’s too hot.  Then when I finally think about it I cannot be bothered to go to the cafeteria because I feel like they are going to charge an arm and a leg.

I guess I will start having to bring my own coffee and by one of those Britta Water pitcher things.  Cause I just cannot bring myself to drink tap water.

Ugh, I feel sick again.  I wish there was somewhere I could go take a nap.  LOL!  I brought my lunch today but the thought of it is making me sick.  I think I’ll eat it tomorrow.

Annabelle VS the Relationship

So it is at times like these where I am glad that I use a pseudonym and that none of my offline friends know about this page.  Because I really need to vent!

Okay so here is the details kids, cause at some point in time this is going to be rated M but when that happens I will put it after the cut so that little eyes are safe.

I, Annabelle have been friends with this guy for about 15 years now.  We meet while we were in high school.  His name for this and any future posts is Henry (in honor of Henry from Ugly Betty, cause I am so Team Henry).  Anyway, Henry and I have never dated.  I have had a crush on Henry since high school.  He was quiet, shy, and cute.  At least that is what I thought before I started hanging out with him.  He is shy, but not so much quiet.  He is a good guy.  Totally crush worthy in my mind anyway.  We never hooked up though because he was never into me like that.  We kissed one time but clearly I am not his type.

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So Vampire Loving America

Would you all hate me if I wrote a Twilight Fan Fiction?

I mean seriously, would you mock me?  I have a really hard time deciding how people feel about Twilight.  I am not opposed to it but I’m not in love with it.  I like reading the fan fiction because it reminds me of what fan fiction used to be like with Angel.  There were some good ones and then there were some really bad ones (mine were the really bad ones, btw).

Anyway I always seem to be shipping really weird ships in Twilight so it makes me wonder if I actually liked the book.  I do have some seriously issues with Bella because she turned into what I like to call an “emotional slut” since she was all Edward/Jacob (lol, had to write it like that).  And I was really mad because I think it was all to do with the fact that S Meyers is secretly in love with Jacob, or not so secretly in love with him as the case may be.

Anyway the point is would you mock me and not read the story I wrote?

I just don’t know because part of me is like, where the heck is this idea going?  At first when I started to write it I thought it was an orginial story (gasp) but then some Twilight stuff started to come in to play and ugh!  I wonder if I can go back and fix it?  Maybe.  It would make certain aspects a lot easier to control.  Then I would have to come up with a bunch of new characters though and I’m just lazy!!!

UGH!  Okay sleep time!

Started a new job today.  Man, I miss my Panara Coffee!  Clearly I’m going to have to invest in a mini coffee maker.  But how to do you transport water on Mass Transit, it’s just so cumbersome. 🙁