Today you go away cyst!!!

Ha! Very exciting! I am here at the hospital right now in the waiting room. The only thing is that I am in the waiting room. Super boring and I can’t put my earphones in for fear of missing my name being called. Not that they will call it so, I am not suppose to go in until Noon. My brother is gonna pick me up. Fingers crossed everything goes as planned. 😉

Proof that VOD is a G/E shipper….

Even if he doesn’t know it!

I re-tweeted two tweets from the chat last night.  No, as I said I went to sleep.  But of course I had to look this AM!!!  Anyway someone asked if Goren could survive without Eames, and VOD said “Absolutely not.”

Yay!  You are a shipper Mr. VOD, even if you don’t realize it, so there. 😛

Okay time to get ready for my last Monday ever in my awful job.  At least if my surgery does get moved I have that to look forward to.  Ciao!

New LOCI fic coming soon…

So Kathryn would not answer my questions about the Goren/Eames relationship, so boo!  However, I have now seen all of the episodes from this season and I have some ideas of what to do for my next LOCI fic.  Loved the last episode, I so thought they were going to kiss, or something.  So time to do some fixing!  LOL!!!  I am not staying up to chat with Vincent.  I am to tired.  Plus I have to practice one hand showering, just in case my surgery does happen on Tuesday.

The second to last Friday in h-e-double-l

Yes! I didn’t think that I would make it but I did! This is my second to last Friday! Wow!

A lot has happened in the last week. I had an appointment with a hand specialist and they decided that the lump on my wrist is a cyst and that’s what’s causing me so much pain!

They were able to schedule my surgery for next week! Awesome, right? Yeah not so much cause have a ton of prep-work to do before the surgery. Hopefully I can get it all done before Tuesday night!

I am still excited though. Cause that means even less time at work than before. I actually have less than a week left because of the surgery. How many people do you know who are more excited about having surgery than going to work? Just goes to show you how bad it really is there.

One nice thing is that one of my coworkers is having a going away lunch for me. Of course he isn’t on my team or is my supervisor. I am actually hoping my supervisor doesn’t show up!!!! It would be so awkward!!!!

While I better go back. I am just at lunch now. At least the day is half over!!! 😉

Great, just got a call.  There are some emergencies in the OR and so now they don’t think my surgery will be next week.  That sucks!  They are going to call on Monday to be sure.  I guess I will just prepare like it is going to happen but not expect it to.

Alright! New Job!

So, my third new job in less than a year!  To be fair this would not have happened if I had been able to stay at my first new job this year.  Had I been able to stay, which was not an option because the director who brought me on pissed off the main director so to get back at him she told him that they had to get rid of me, I would have not looked for another new job at all.  In fact I would probably be just happy to sit in my little office.

However, life didn’t work out that way and I got shipped of to another job in hell!  I didn’t think that it was going to be hell at first but seriously I am down right bullied by one of my co-workers, who is suppose to be my back-up, and my supervisor doesn’t do a thing about it.  In fact she scolds me in front of my coworker all the time!  Now granted, as I have mentioned, I have not been the best employee, I’ve gotten super behind in my work, but I have really tried to catch up.  And I am not as motivated as I used to be.  But they did not make it any easier for me to be there, everyone else was pretty much nice.  Except for this one guy who is a total skeeze!  Seriously, he was always talking to other people about the different women that he has slept with.  He is married too!  There was this one person who came into the office to visit and he was flirting with her with no shame like he wasn’t married at all, and the woman was young enough to be his daughter.  He is just gross.

Anyway, I’m so glad to be leaving there, I am sorry, I may be a snob, but I am just more used to being around people who speak proper English and not ebonics.  Oh and people who actually respect women.  Ugh!  This place is awful and I don’t understand why any woman works there other than the fact that it would be an EEO violation if there weren’t women there.  I swear this place is just a bad good old boys environment.

But it’s soon over, in about 6 weeks, hopefully less, I will be starting in my new job and I will have my own cubical!  Yes!  I’m so excited!  Maybe I will even be able to write again because I won’t be so depressed from work!

Okay I better get back to my homework now.  I just had to share my good news!

Switched at Birth

So I watched Switched at Birth. I kind of like it. I do think the acting is a bit rough, and the reactions are super cliche but it is kind of nice to see what it’s like to see something different. I mean there was that one lifetime movie one time but it really didn’t go into how or if the family integrated. I am sure this is going to turn into something like The Secret Life of the American Teenager but at least there isn’t an annoying character like Grace so far.
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Mobile Posting

So I am at home today. I am in morning, my laptop, which wasn’t that great, kicked it, well the hard drive did. I talked to my PT BF and he said the clicking sound was the fact that my laptop was trying to load the hard drive put could not. Is it my fault, yes, I dropped it, but it was only like 6 inches from the ground, I have done far worse to this thing, but I guess laptops are like glass, they break when you hit them just the right way. So now I am faced with a dilemma. Do I go buy a new laptop or do I wait and see if the PT BF can do anything. I will need a new hard drive, and that will cost money. I don’t want to buy from Best Buy, one cause they tried to charge me interest when they shouldn’t have, and two because apparently they don’t treat their workers that well. As a former retail worker I don’t like retail companies that don’t treat the employees well. Oh plus there was the fact that a few weeks ago they sold me the wrong thing and it took me forever to get it returned because they didn’t want to let me use the coupon that I had used to by the first item, which, not fair since I was exchanging within the time period of the coupon.

However, life is not totally sucky! I have an iPad 2! Which I used my bonus from my evil job to buy. I actually really like it, and I got a keyboard too. This is why I am able to post, I am so not cool with not having a keyboard, you need a keyboard. This is why the iPhone never worked for me. Being able to use a keyboard awesome.

So do I need a laptop? Nah, but I like having one because sometimes just sitting at my desk working on my homework makes me pop in Sims 3 and start playing it. Plus there are so many more free games that I can play on the iPad so it won’t work. I need the laptop so that I can do my homework at the library. Which is the only way I get my homework done!

In other news, Meg, still reads my blog! Yay for me! Thank you Meg! I have to catch up on yours now too that I can.

Okay I should probably get up now and go find some real food to eat. I would have cereal but I ran out of milk earlier this week and I probably should just go to the store and buy more milk, and a few other things as well.

Forever and a Day

Has it really been this long since I have updated? Wow! Okay so in my defense I actually have had a crazy half a year! First of all, I was in a car accident. I was mushed, like a bug! I got a new car! Yay! Second of all I had to change jobs, again! OMG! It was not my fault, I loved my (old) new job. I was so happy there! But they didn’t need me anymore. Now I am stuck in h***! But it pays, and they work with my school schedule. I have to get my act together though, I keep getting behind and that is not good! Especially when there is someone else that does the same job I do! I used to do more work than them, I don’t know what happened. Maybe I became hopeless.

I am going to become hopeful again! I have to! This is a life or death situation here, I cannot afford to loose my job!

In other news, I failed my stats class, then retook it, and passed it with a B. Go me! I also got A’s and B’s in my other courses. Don’t ask me what happened with stats the first time, lets just say I am not a stats person. Algebra and Calculus, yes. Stats, NO! 😀

I still only have 8 chapters of the story that I was working. Maybe now that I am only taking one class I will have time to write more.

Okay I hope you all enjoyed my update, well those of you who still read. Ciao!