Why I am a horrible person…

So I have decided that I am a horrible person.  Why?  Well today one of my best friends emailed (yes,  I believe you can have more than one) and said that she was going to make it to our weekly dinners (she has a habit of cancelling on me last minute so I check in to make sure) and her husband wanted to join us and wanted to go to a certain restaurant.  Also, he wanted to meet up two hours later than our normally scheduled time, so he could avoid traffic.

I was immediately  annoyed beyond belief to the point of being extremely pissed off.  I do not think this is a normal reaction, and here is why

1)   I like my friend’s husband.  He is a nice guy.  Granted, I don’t talk to him much but he doesn’t bother me.

2)   I don’t mind the fact that he picked the restaurant because that saves me the trouble.  My friend and I take turns about who has to pick where we have dinner because neither of us like doing that.

3)   Two hours isn’t that long of a time.

I was mad though, so I really had to force myself to write a very nice reply and not complain about him, or the restaurant.  However, I would not give in on the time.  I get out of work at a certain time so we always have dinner around 30 minutes later so I don’t have to wait around forever for my friend because I work near where she lives.  Originally, our dinners were designed this way so I would drive her there and then drop her off home because he always took the car.  Now she has the car, but we still go to places near her because she does not like to drive on the highway.

Ugh!  I was just so mad and I really thought, why is this such a big deal?  I don’t mind going to dinner later, not really.  But I just could not bring myself to accept going two hours later?

I feel bad, she and he agreed to it in the end, but I still feel bad!