Oh right, I have a blog

So it is finally spring. I am very disappointed in spring because after all of the rain in April, which I don’t really remember, I thought May would be nice. Nope, it was super hot yesterday. I have been running my air conditioning which is just evil. I don’t even want to see my electric bill.

This would not be so bad if my number 1 distraction, television, was not coming to a end. Several of the shows that I really cared about have already ended. There is now a 19 day gap until shows come back that I may watch. What am I going to do with my life? Go outside? Ugh!!!

I suppose I could try to catch up on old series but I’m not sure which ones to watch. I stopped watching Awkward because just became way too unbelievable. I did manage to catch up on Teen Wolf, which was not that hard to do since there are only 13 episodes in a season.

Maybe I could read? That is so much work! I think instead I will try to get my blog, that I rarely use, to work properly again. Woohoo for crossposting. Can I please give up my LJ account now? Do people even use LiveJournal?

I did like how it let you have moods and little pretty icons next to your post. Does anyone still use LiveJournal? I feel like LiveJournal is to blogging as MySpace is to social media, dead.

Also, yeah, this is really just to see if I crosspost to Tumblr correctly. I don’t think I will because I forgetting seeing the thing that moves my tags over but oh well… 🙂