An actual theme

I think I might die of shock!  So awhile back my computer died and it had everything on it. So I asked Laney if she could please send me the graphics again and her response was, say what now?  But since she was the one who moved this blog here I figured she must have it somewhere! And she did!  Yay!

Then I told her that I hated my theme, more laughter.  But after spending all day looking through WP free themes. I found this one but it wasn’t quite right so I told her what I wanted.  She b!tched at me and started to work on the code and finally said here, this is the best that I can do.  And I love it!  😀

Now I feel like I can finally link all of my fan fiction on here and finally get some work done!  Of course I might have to pack this all up and move again.  While this domain is paid for there are some major changes going on since Laney is no longer running any fanlistings.  We will see what happens though.  Yay!  I can blog other places besides tumblr and livejournal!

Speaking about tumblr!  I have a bone to pick with them.  How come when I click on “Following X people” it just takes me back to the dashboard?  I feel like it should take me to the list of the people that I am following so I don’t have to my blog and see all the icons of the people I am following?

Yes, I know, your dashboard lets you see what you are following is posting.  But sometimes people are posting a lot and then I miss important Criminal Minds posts from Thomas Gibson.  Or funny rants from Wil Wheaton.  I consider this to be a major fail on tumblr’s part.

Okay time to go get the ice cream!  I still have Covert Affairs from last night to watch and Criminal Minds that is coming up tonight!  Yay!

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