Everything Is Wonderful

Well…. For once this week I only have to go to college one day!  Thank you Thanksgiving!  I am super excited about it too, only 3 working days, how awesome!

Work, well now that creepy weird guy is like doing 20 laps around my cubical, thank god for earphones, I’m just saying.  Other than the fact that all of the males at my work place have no idea what sexual harassment means I like my job.  And I don’t have to deal with the people that annoy me a lot of the time.

So this week in TV Land….

Gossip Girl:  Really Blair, you make it hard for me to love you sometimes.  And I do, I really, really, really do.  But you need to grow up!  You are about to be someone’s mother and you are wasting your time trying to prove that Chuck Bass is a @$$#0!e.  Sweetie, there are so many other important things in life.  Like, planning your wedding, to the father of your baby, well at least I think it’s the dad, the spoilers keep throwing me off.  Anyway, the point is, you need to stop putting yourself into situations like this, please!

Did anyone else understand that party?  I mean I get that it was suppose to be a live action Macbeth, but when I read Macbeth there were no people swimming in bathtubs of blood.  Only Chuck Bass would come up with some sick twist on Macbeth as a way to raise money, just saying.

Oh, and the four ho’s showed up too, Serena, Nate, Ivy, an Diana.  Apparently Ivy is all upset because the boyfriend she dumped so that she could continue her gold digging career showed up and is now ruining her plans to bag Nate, who is still sleeping with Diana, but he feels like Diana is only using him for sex, so he wants to now have sex with Ivy, who is still able to make everyone think she is Charlie.  Yeah, I never said any of them were smart. Oh and Serena is all mad because no one is paying any attention to her, so sad.

Dan is all upset because everyone hates his book, which is the only known published bad fan fiction, oh wait I forgot about Twilight.  Okay, never mind, either way he is still in hiding and is on a hunger strike.

Blair made Chuck kiss her and then slapped him, did anyone else get the point of this?  If so, please explain it to me.  I find the best way to not deal with an annoying ex is to move to another state or stop picking up their calls, not tempting them to kiss me.  But that could just be me.

Glee:  Well, karma is a bitch.  And this week it is time for Santana to get what has been coming to her in spades.  Now, let me say, a) I do not think it is right to be forced to come out if you aren’t ready AND b) it is a really awful thing to out someone.  BUT, this is TV.  And on TV when the villain gets what’s coming to them I get a little happy.  Santana is a mean and rude b!@tch and is always dishing it out.  Now she got it back at her.  Not much else happened that was of interest to me except for the duet between Shue and Idina.  I love Idina and her voice goes so well with Matthew’s that it was just magic!  Sadly, the other mash ups did not live up to the previous years’ mash ups.

Criminal Minds:  Thank you writers, thank you so, so much.  You have no idea how much I love Penelope!  I am so happy she got an episode, even though it was creepy and disturbing.  I really need to stop watching this show.  Now every time my next door neighbors’ cars are gone I think that they have been kidnapped and are being tortured.  Then they come back and are fine.  Anyway that unsub was too much!  I am glad he is dead.  Although, the justice part of me is like didn’t get that women get any time?  But I guess they can say she shot him in self defense.  But self-defense when there is an FBI agent standing there with a gun trained on the unsub?  Seems suspect to me.  But anyway, how cute were Garcia and Morgan?  And so far her boyfriend has not made an appearance.  Morgan, wake up and start making out with Penelope!!!

Parks and Recreation:  Ben and Leslie are back together again!!!!  I don’t really remember anything else because after I saw the kiss my brain just exploded.  I am so happy!  They love each other so much and when the broke up in season opener my shipper heart just died.  When then kissed I literary felt like this:

Every episode after that I was like, Ben and Leslie, I need the back together, NOW!!!!  You can ask my twin, she will tell you.  I was pretty much despondent when they broke up.  And the fact that Ben did it because he knew that it would hurt her campaign.  They are meant for each other!!!!  OMG!!!

And now they are back together.  Thank you, someone, whomever you are, for giving this to me.  I needed it!

This week I also watched: Ringer, Community, Suburgatory, and Bones.  I have decided that Ringer is a much more appealing version of Alias, why?  Because unlike Alias I actually feel like I understand what is going on in Ringer.

Suburgatory was funny.  If you haven’t watched the show you must go now, start from the beginning.  I can’t wait till the next episode!

That’s it for now.  If you would like to hear what I think about other shows then click on the box below and fill it in.  I promise your comments will show up after I approve them and make sure you aren’t a spam bot!

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