A non-Thanksgiving GG

So this weekend was Thanksgiving weekend here.  Which means, as always, I was behind in my blogging.  Eh, I try. I have a presentation that I should really be working on instead of doing this, but I don’t wanna!

So let’s see, there really wasn’t much going on in TV Land this week, I can’t even really remember what was on because mostly things were either specials or reruns

I guess there is always Gossip Girl

On the Blair Show (that’s what my friend DianeSue calls it when I talk to her about it because I only ever talk about Blair) there was the wedding shower.

Well apparently Charlie/Ivy/Gold Digger with a serious case of laryngitis thinks that she is now friends with Blair. She is silly, no one is ever really friends with Blair; except Serena, and with a friend like that who needs enemies. Anyway her lie almost blows up in her face, but what fun would that be. She is the new series regular so they are going to make us think that the UES is completely unaware of who she really is for as long as possible.

Chuckles + Dan = Duck. Quack, quack.  That is really all I can say about that.  But drunk!Dan is funny.  Although all the gifs I saw of him later really made him look like he is becoming anorexic.  Someone give that boy a bagel sandwich and a hair cut.  I know, he can’t cut his hair, some movie he is filming, blah!

I actually don’t remember what happened with Nate and Serena, other than that Serena is dating her “cousin’s” ex and Nate and Diana are finally over. Yay, for that story arch being done.

Now home girl has a hard time convincing her prince that she has changed and her friends have changed, especially when someone lets GG know about the paternity test.  As a result Blair had a really bad time at her wedding shower. Someone (her fiance) uploaded all of the identities of who submitted what to GG over the years, and guess who submitted the most? My girl Blair.  However, it turns out that it was Beatrice, the prince’s evil sister, who let GG know about it. Louis doesn’t want to hear it, because you know, his family is prefect. Blair decides that he is starting to act more like a certain UES-er by the minute and tells him to walk his sorry @$$ out the door.

I am really not sure how I feel about the way this storyline is going.  I want Blair to be happy. I know this show is about drama and angst, it’s what it breeds on and how it keeps me coming back week after week.  But I guess I kind of wanted the Prince to actually be nice and not pull a Jenny.  Now that he has I don’t really like him, not that I liked him that much before.  Has anyone else noticed that as he starts acting more like a spoiled brat that his accent is getting progressively worse? Or is that just me? Anyway, my hope is that Blair will learn from this.  I know that she is only 20, soon to be 21, but she is getting married and she is pregnant.  (Yes, I know about the spoilers but I’m not going to talk about them until I actually see them on screen)

Married is big. I think a lot of people don’t realize that being married requires work and communication, and if Louis feels that he can’t communicate with Blair now, before their are married.  And that he has to humiliate her on the day of her wedding shower to get his point across then there are some serious issues with this relationship.

With all of that being said, I missed having our Thanksgiving episode. Back to basics GG.  Otherwise you may end up like another one of my favorites, Eureka. Just saying.

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  1. Agree 100%. Yay team Blair. I, too, just really want her to learn from it and be happy. Boo @ no other tv this week. But Merlin. Need to catch up that like now. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving bb!

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