Happy 2012!

Hello internets! It’s a brand new year!

Did you do anything fun for New Years Eve?  I got very drunk and liveblogged NYE. It was fun.  Some of you may say, well why didn’t you go out with your friends, do you not have a life?

Well I have done the whole going out on NYE thing, it is always awkward and costs too much money.  I am not a big fan of house parties because there are always people there that you don’t know and again it is awkward. Now this might be because I don’t drink often and therefore after like two drinks I am pretty much drunk off my @$$. But lets just say I would like to start the New Year with the same friends that I had in the previous year, and the best way for me to do that, stay at home away from other people, or don’t drink.

Yes, I am weird. I have accepted that.

Anyway now on to the important stuff.  TV Stuff of course!

So Team TVLine posted their list of what shows they think are going to be renewed, cancelled, and which ones were already officially renewed:  2012 Renewal Scorecard

Since I watch a lot of TV I feel the end to post about my reactions to the news.  This of course will only be about shows that I have at least watched once. There are a ton of shows on the list that I do not watch that I wish would get cancelled that I never watched but would like to be cancelled, but I do not think it is fair to comment on them since I have never since them.

Excited For These Renewals
–Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon a Time, Suburgatory
CBS – Criminal Minds
FOXBones, Glee, New Girl. Terra Nova (This was on the maybe list but better to be on the maybe list than the cancelled list.)
NBCParks and Recreation, Community, Grimm, 30 Rock
CW – Gossip Girl, Ringer (Again on the maybe list, I don’t like that, it should be a sure thing.)

I Wish These Would Just Die:

ABC –The Bachelor, The Bachelorette
Reason: I am sick of freaking reality shows and the stupid promos that they get

CBS – Two and a Half Men
Reason: The storyline they made for having Ashton Kutcher living in the house is just so effing ridiculous

FOX – American Idol, The X Factor
Reason: They are the same freaking show. Do I really need to be subjected to two of them?

(is on the maybe list)
Reason: It has lost its way, I am sorry but I would like to see some of the characters a little happy some of the time.

NBC – The Biggest Loser, Celebrity Apprentice
Reason: Again, reality shows, although I like the idea of The Biggest Loser I just do not feel like seeing the promos for it or the fact that they are exploiting these people, even though they are willingly being exploited.  I can’t stand Donald Trump and therefore it would give all kinds of warm fuzzies to not have to see him in promos every again.

Law & Order: SVU
Reason: I liked Law & Order: Criminal Intent better.  It had better storylines and acting but they got bad promoting. If people don’t hear about the show how are they suppose to know that they can watch it?

THE CW – America’s Next Top Model
Reason: A reality show about skinny girls who may or may not have an eating disorder. Plus Tyra Banks is just so freaking annoying.

The Secret Circle
Reason: This is s a safe bet and Ringer is not? WTF?!?! Ringer is way better.

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