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So I am reviewing something new this week.

Since it started I have been watching Once Upon A Time.  I have to say that I really like this show.  It may just be appealing to my girly side but since my brother says he likes it too I think that is genuinely good television.

If you have not been watching here is a quick summary of what is going on in the fictional town of Storybrook:

  • The Evil Queen sent everyone in fairy tale land to our world so they could be miserable with the rest of their lives because now that they are here no one, except the Evil Queen, remembers who they are
  • Before everyone got here Emma Swan, daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, got shipped here via hallowed out tree.  She grew up, gave a kid up for adoption, and is not exactly the happiest person in the whole world
  • Emma’s kid was adopted by Regina, the mayor of Storybrook, and the villain formally known as the Evil Queen.  Oh, the kids name is Henry.
  • Henry goes looking for Emma and tells her that he is her son, oh, and by the way, that she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.  Emma doesn’t quiet buy it, go figure.
  • Despite the fact that she think she kid is a little imaginative she decides to stay in Storybrook and things start to change, not all of them for the better though.

And this is where we will pick up…

Last night was what some might call a filler episode.  Although strictly I do not think this show really has filler episodes.  So we find out that Sydney, the newspaper reporter who ran against Emma for the position of Town Sheriff, has been fired by the paper and is now a little bit more than mad at his former benefactor, Regina.  As part of his revenge plot he goes to Emma saying that he wants to reveal who Regina really is to everyone.  Emma is doubtful because Sydney is now a bit of a drunk but before she leaves she gives her his card and says that he can grant her wish.

Fade to fairy tale land we see Sydney sitting in a comfortable yet cramped looking space.  He is dressed like, well a genie.  He looks up and sees the blurry face of a man and rolls his eyes as the man rubs his lamp.  The jaded genie appears and tells the man, who happens to be wearing a crown, that he gets three wishes but no wishing for more wishes and the rest of the standard wishing rules.

The man seems like a really nice jovial man and says he wants for nothing.  He is a happy king and just wants everyone that comes to his land to be as happy as him.  He also comments that the genie does not look happy.  The genie says he is not; he is tired of being trapped in the lamp, so the kind king wishes that the genie is free; then wishes for the genie to have his final wish.  The genie swears he will never use the wish because he has granted 1,001 wishes and seen all of them end badly.  Foreshadow much?

Anyway the genie falls in love with the King’s wife, the Evil Queen.  He ends up killing the King and as the King is dying he tells the genie that he was right, he never should have made a wish (technically he said the wish but I am trying for some correct grammar usage here).  The genie runs to the Evil Queen and tells her that they can finally be together and she says no, they cannot.  The guards found the snakes that killed the King and know that the snakes are from the genie’s homeland.  The genie realizes he has been tricked but he still loves the Evil Queen and refuses to live her side.  So he uses the final wish to ensure that he will never be able to leave her side.  He becomes trapped in her mirror.  Poor genie.

Meanwhile Sydney and Emma have been tracking Regina’s movements and excuse her, in front of everyone, of stealing $50,000 to build herself a new house.  Surprise, surprise, Regina was just using that money to build a new playground.  Sydney promises Emma that they will try again and that Regina will not win.  Oh, but wait!  Sydney is a double agent and really working for Regina because she is yet again using his love for her to manipulate him.  Poor Sydney.

So, while last night was not the best story, because the bad guys won and I am not a fan of that for this show (other shows are different sometimes), it was still good because we got to see even more about what happened in fairy tale land.  Although I was half expecting the final wish to be the thing that turned the queen into the Evil Queen it was still good.

I really want to find out what turned the Evil Queen evil.  I don’t think she was born evil.  At least that is how I feel about it but I guess we will see.  I also have not decided if she was really faking the fact that she was upset that her husband was not as in love with her as his first wife.  Although I was confused about one thing, maybe if you are nice you will comment and answer this question: I swear Snow told the Huntsman that the Evil Queen wanted her dead and killed her father because of a secret that the Evil Queen told her about, I am guessing that secret is the heart stealing thing.  But now I am not so sure.  I don’t know though, what do you think?

I have not decided if I really feel sorry for Sydney or not but part of me does, the other part wants to smack him for helping Regina.  I also want to find out what that writer guy is doing with Henry’s book!  It’s not right that he stole a little kid’s book, although to be fair I don’t think he knows that the book belongs to Henry.

I am really excited to see what they do next week and to see what they are going to do with Little Red Riding Hood.  If you have not been watching this show and you liked “Wicked” or “The Confessions of the Ugly Step Sister” you will really like this show and I suggest you start watching it.  Especially if you liked “The 10th Kingdom” this show is something you should check out.  I know other T10K fans are saying this show isn’t at all like T10K, and that is true, but the concept of using fairy tales is still a good one and makes this show really something that I enjoy.

Okay laters!

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