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Yes, I have been waiting all week to do this because this week was supposed to be awesome in TV. Well…

Here is what I thought about: Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy

Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy

Gossip Girl

I wanted to like this episode. I really did. There were many issues with it though. The first and foremost being the leaked musical scene. I am sorry but that should have been the highlight of the whole episode and it was entirely ruined by the fact that everyone got to see the whole thing before it even aired. What happened to keeping things secret? I remember the good old days when people used to print things on red paper with red ink so that no one could Xerox the scripts. It takes the fun out of the episode when something big like a musical number gets leaked.

So the first major high point of the episode was ruined. But it was still cute and fun to watch, even though I already saw it. Now here is where we start to run into some trouble. Dorota is suppose to be like Blair’s second mother, and past history has told us that she knows Blair better than her Eleanor does, but Dorota is busy gushing to Serena about how one day she will find true love like Blair has. Umm… Didn’t we just see a whole episode where Blair admits that she doesn’t actually love Louis?

Not loving Louis aside the wedding is still going on as planned, because it is Gossip Girl, and it is the 100th and supposedly best episode of the season so far. Yeah… Okay so Nate has decided that he is in love with the cater waiter, and that his whole storyline this episode, kind of boring. Dan is in the wedding party because he wrote the vows for Louis, duh duh duh! And good ol’ Rufus wants to make sure that Dan will not stop the wedding. Dan says he won’t stop the wedding and that everyone should be worried about Chuckles.

Strangely I’m not worried that Chuck will stop the wedding. Or will try to stop the wedding and guess what I was right not to worry. Chuck has decided to double cross the priest oh but don’t worry Georgina (Georgie as I will forever call her) has shown up, she’ll take care of it. I know a lot of people like Georgie, and I agree she is a good villain, but I will never be able to forgive Michelle Tractenberg for playing the worst character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer history. As such Georgie annoys me because not only is she a villain but she is a predictable villain who can’t get her schemes to go the right way.

Georgie is mad that Blair is getting her Happily Ever After even though Blair has done all kinds of awful things to her and wants revenge so she teams up with the priest. And what kind of husband lets his wife strip down to some lingerie to try to seduce another man and films it? One with no backbone who is apparently married to Georgie. Well it doesn’t matter because her plan fails again but as luck would have it at the same time all of this is going on Eleanor has gone to Chuckles and has dragged him to the church.

Eleanor realizes that Blair is not in love with Louis and in a moment of what she probably thinks passes as good parenting goes to Chuckles to get him to stop the wedding. So even though she knows all the awful things that Chuck has done to Blair she figures that true love is better than a live with a Prince. I guess I can see where she is coming from but I propose a third option. Instead of throwing a man who has some kind of twisted love attachment to your daughter (trading her for a hotel, sleeping with another girl and then proposing to her, trying to ruin her college career) and brings out the worst in your daughter (playing weird games where you make out with other people so you can get caught by your significant other on purpose) I say you clock her over the head and then hid her in a motel so that she can’t go through with the wedding, after all, that’s what Chuck would do 😀

Anyway, Chuck and Blair have a repeat of last week’s episode where she tells him that she will always love him but can’t be with him. He tells her that she has to be with him. Only this time because of sheer luck, or purely contrived writing, Georgie gets the whole thing on tape. But what does she do with the tape? She gives it to Chuck.

Oh I almost forgot, while all of this is going on, Serena has lost it. In a desperate to try to rekindle her relationship with Dan she keeps him fake dating her, even though everyone else thinks that now they are real dating and no longer fake dating, except for Dan. Poor Dan, he is so just so distraught over Blair getting married that he doesn’t know what is going on, oh but don’t worry. Louis fills him in on the fact that he is now actually dating Serena. Yeah, Dan is not happy. Probably because about a month or two ago he admitted to Serena that he is in love with Blair. Serena cares not, she will make Dan love her by fake dating him, instead of just really telling him that she wants to real date him. Cause fake dating someone always works out so well, um, yeah.

Anyway, Serena finally tells Chuck that Blair made a vow to god about not being with him. Now here is time where you have to some time to wonder, did Serena do this to help her friend? Or, did she do this to make sure that Blair would forever be unavailable to Dan? Personally, I think she probably did it as a friend, however misguided that may be (see above about throwing your daughter at Chuckles) but maybe she did think, oh well if Dan sees this than he will realize that he will never have a shot with Blair. I don’t know. Probably we will never know.

However, Chuckles still does not stop the wedding. Cause he IS the only sane person (Nate said something like this after he talked to the cater waiter) on this show. He knows that he and Blair are no good together. Oh, but GG is back and she has released the video of Blair telling Chuck that she loves him. Blair is humiliated and goes running out of the Church. Aww poor Blair *hugs*

We come back to a replay of the early scene of Chuck and Blair going over AGAIN how he wants to be with her and she loves him but DOES NOT want to be with him. Louis walks in looking all slightly stoic and pissed off at the same time. Blair tells him that she does love Chuck but she choice him, cause that is what every groom-to-be wants to hear from their bride. Honestly Blair should have just got out then but whatever, the wedding goes on.

We are going to fast forward past the part where Serena tells Dan that she loves him and he kind gives her this look like, well what the f**k do you want me to do about it, you know I love Blair cause I told you this two months ago. To the not so sudden fail of Louis from good hearted price to evil bad man. Poor Blair seems so shocked by this, but really should she be? Point one, Louis tried to pay off Chuckles’s therapist to turn him evil again. Point two, he then ruined her bridal shower by posting all the GG source texts. Point three, he made a post about Blair and Dan being in a secret affair and humiliated her again in public. Is it me or is there a pattern here? Blair seems to only date guys who like to humiliate her in public. Clearly her therapy is not going well for her. Anyway, she is all sad and shocked that Louis is telling her that he does not love her and that she will just have to smile and play along for however long he likes. She doesn’t understand why he married someone he doesn’t love, umm, isn’t that the same thing she just did? Anyway she gracefully makes an exit away from him all smiles, past her “best friend”, and picks up a phone to arrange for her daring escape.

The writers try to trick us into thinking that she called Chuck but she really called Dan and they make a break for it in the “just married” car. Tacky, no? But that is not the end of this tragic episode. We finally find out who GG really is, it’s Georgie!!!!!

Sigh! I don’t really care that Georgie is GG. I am actually fine with it. What I am not fine with is the fact that we find out now half way through the season. They could have at least waited until the end of the season. Heck I was hoping we would never find out or at the very list find out in the last two minutes of the final episode. To me it feels like the writers tipped their hand far too early. As a result I give this episode a C-. I gave it a passing grade only because this show actually made it to its 100th episode and a lot of other shows that I really loved (Firefly, Dollhouse, Dead Like Me) never did.

It also got a passing grade because, this episode probably pissed off all of the Charios and made all the Dair shippers happy.  So the GGWriters are keeping the shipping wars alive.  Yes the complain that they don’t like getting the hate tweets and the threat tweets, really though they love it.  You know that! 😀

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Grey’s Anatomy

This review is going to be much shorter because I was really disappointed in this episode! I thought after the failed musical episode (the only good part about that episode was Owen singing, I loved his voice) I had really hoped that the writers had learned their lesson.

We start with Meredith putting her baby to bed (I WANTED HENRY!!! WHY DO WE HAVE TO HAVE ZOLA AND NOT HENRY!!!!!) and as she is falling to sleep she tells us about how the different choices in our lives have lead us to this very moment. Blah!

Anyway we are now in an alternate universe were everything is just ass-backwards. Ellis is still alive and how she is married to Richard and Meredith calls him Dad. She is also engaged to Alex. Derek and Addison are still married and are excepting their first child. Bailey is a meek little mouse who does not speak up. Callie is married to Owen. April is best friends with Meredith and Cristina is off in her own world and everyone is scared of her. They are all equally scared of Ellis and do whatever she says. They also do whatever Meredith says (whose last name is Webber by the way) to because they don’t want Ellis to get mad at them.

Anyway everyone in this alternate universe seems to be happy at first, well except for Bailey, but it turns out that they are all just as miserable as Bailey. Richard is scared of Ellis and will not stand up to her. Meredith still hates her mom. Alex is sleeping with April. Owen is hiding his PTSD from his wife, Callie, with Cristina’s help. Callie has three kids and is scared of her husband hurting one of them. Arizona is actually okay, she is not with Callie but she is dating other people. And Addison, well she isn’t pregnant by Derek, she got knocked up by Mark.

The best part of this episode was Alex and April sleeping together. The rest of it was just depressing. No one was really happy. Which I guess is the point but I would have rather seen Alex and April sleeping together in the canon storyline. Anyway I was not that impressed, I would say it was more of a filler episode and a poorly executed one at that. It could have been better but then I am never really a fan of AU unless you give me some time to get used to it. I would say this was about a C, which is better than Gossip Girl, and that was supposed to be one of their best episodes ever. Ugh, I’m still mad about it.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll be reviewing more later. But right now I have to get ready to go. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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