It’s only Wednesday….

It’s only Wednesday and already the TV for this week is way better than last week; and that’s without Once Upon A Time airing (superbowl, blah)

So let’s take a look at the shows so far this week: Gossip Girl, Smash, Ringer, Glee, and New Girl

Gossip Girl | Smash | Ringer | Glee | New Girl

Gossip Girl

Why was this week so much better than last week? No, I am seriously asking you this question because last week was suppose to be the big bad 100th episode and it was just kind of bad and not really big at all. I mean not to beat a dead horse (see last week’s review) but what happened? What went wrong?

Okay so we all know that Louis is bad, his mom is evil, Lola is really Charlie, and Chuck still loves Blair. Minus the fact that Georgina was in this episode completely unnecessarily I might add, because guess what folks, she’s not the real Gossip Girl, it was one of the best episodes this season. Yes, we had pretty much the exact same Chuck and Blair dialogue that we had last week. Sure Nate has the same storyline that he did a few episodes ago, but if you took out about five of the other episodes this one probably would not have been as repetitive as the last few.

Anyway, Nate is trying to get the new girl to go out with him. Why is Nate a serial monogamist? I mean honestly isn’t that boy always jumping from one girl to another? Or jumping on them? He needs to take some time to figure out who Nate is before he starts dating again. However, he is young and he just saw his first serious girlfriend get married so he is feeling all lonesome so going after the cater waiter makes total sense, right? Well, if you don’t agree too bad, cause he spends all episode doing that.

Meanwhile Chuck and Serena are spending the majority of the episode looking for Blair because they discovered that she is missing from the wedding reception. Which is a good thing because Evil!Louis and his Mommy are pretty much planning to kill her the next time they see her. Or, at the very least lock her in a big tower, according to Dorota. They don’t realize that Dan and Blair have made a mad dash to the airport, where high jinks ensue. Honestly, their high jinks was the highlight of this episode, not just because I am a fan of their friendship (soon to be relationship) but because it’s the first time all season that the whole episode was not doom and gloom.

Eventually Chuck and Serena find them, and so does Mommy Dearest. Blair is forced to go back to Louis because if she doesn’t then her family will be poor beyond poor. Chuck is upset because Blair chose to be with Louis. Even though he offered to pay the dowry that her family would owe to Louis if she left him. Dowry? Yeah, everyone kind of had the same reaction, what century are we in? The biggest issue I have is that Blair has jumped from one psychologically abusive relationship (Chuck) to another (Louis). And seemingly the only way for her to get out of her current situation is to fork up some cash. WTF!!!

Serena is upset because Dan does not want to be with her, but really, again, like five episodes ago he told you that he was in love with Blair so what’s the big shock here? Dan is sad because even though Blair knows he wrote the vows she still does not know how he feels. Blair is sad because she has to live with a jerk for the next year.

So for not giving me doom and gloom but still using basically the same faulty logic and same dialogue as previous episodes this episode get’s a: B-. I think that is pretty generous considering they recycled a lot of what they have already used this season; I mean seriously someone was doing a lot of cutting and pasting.

Episode Grade: B-

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I decided to watch this show because I am a sucker for musicals. I think the only musical show I did not watch was the one that Hugh Jackman was in and was about Las Vegas casinos. The only reason that I did not watch that was because it was about Las Vegas casinos. Anyway, I was not sure about this because I am not the biggest fan of Katharine McPhee. No, I can’t tell you way, there is just something about her that irks me.

Despite that, I was pleasantly surprised by this show. I found myself rooting for Karen (McPhee) character and really not liking Ivy. Of course I loved Debra Messing, I still miss Will and Grace, so watching her on screen again was just so much fun. I am not going to grade this episode because it is the first one so everyone is still trying to find their charter.

However, I have to ask, how do they plan on doing this past two seasons? I really just do not see it because once the on screen musical is cast and they have their opening performance it kind of ends a lot of the drama. I guess we will just have to wait and find out.

Episode Grade: N/A

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How do you even review this show? No seriously, because it takes all of my brain power just to figure out who is who (the whole twin thing) that I find myself wondering at the end of the episode, is that really Bridget or is it Siobhan?

Here is another question for you, what the heck were their parents thinking? I mean I get the name Bridget, but Siobhan? That is so out of left field!!

You know, I always thought it would be cool to have a sister, but not if it is a sister like Siobhan. I am sorry, I don’t care what your sister did to you, you don’t let her think that you are dead. Every time I find myself trying to be more supportive of one of them I have to bring myself back to the start of the show. Bridget could have told everyone that Siobhan died. She did not have to pretend to be Siobhan. So I really do not know who I feel worse for.

The reason I am reviewing this episode this week is because of the rape that happened, well really the fact that it was going to get dismissed. So what if Juliet was hitting on her teacher. No means no. If she changed her mind at the last minute then it still counts as rape and the case should not have been dropped. Maybe it could not go to trial but there are other things that can be done. Ugh! I know, it’s just TV, but it still makes me mad because this is not something that parents talk to about with their kids and so a lot of time the only information they are getting is from TV. They should know that there are still other methods of recourse for them besides going to court.

Okay I’ll get off my soap box now. Ringer is good but I am not sure how I really feel about the show. It is really frustrating a lot of the time because just when you think you have one question answered another 20 pop up. I will probably still watch it though because now I want to know what Henry is going to do now that he knows that Bridget is pretending to be Siobhan, and if he still thinks that Bridget killed Gemma. Gah! No rating because this show is just too confusing for me.

Episode Grade: N/A

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Oh Glee. I still miss first season. This episode pissed me off. Yes it was good. Yes the storylines actually worked this time. Here is my issue, there is a ton, I mean a ton, of Latino songs that they could have used instead of taking English songs and translating them into Spanish. I mean half of the songs the used were not even by Latino artists, or had a Spanish version but the English version was used.

Anyway the songs were okay this week but still not up to par. I think I have downloaded every song from season 1 but I have yet to download any songs for any other season. However, the actually storylines were not as schizophrenic as they have been this season. I am sorry but having Mercedes going all full out diva, I was not okay with that. The whole point of Glee was that these kids really did not fit in anywhere else. Splitting them up like that, well it just does not work for me.

I am still upset about this whole Rachel and Finn are getting married thing. Sure right now none of the adults know about it now but still! I know Finn isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch but even he should know that marrying someone so young isn’t the best idea. I mean he was tied up in that whole Terry fakes having Will’s baby debacle. Come on Finn!

Sue wants to have a baby. Well stranger things have happened on Glee. I know we can’t keep having Sue always fighting up against the Glee club and trying to bring them down, but I kind of miss the fights that she and Will used to have. I find it hard to swallow that she would have wanted Will to be the father of her baby, she really always talks about how much she despises him and thinks of him as being weak.

However, everyone is really back together in the glee club and mostly getting along, except for Santana cause she is a bitch, but even she still has her special way of showing that she loves everyone. I really did like how she pointed out to Will that he was best at teaching Glee, it was so a Santana style compliment. This episode gets a: B. Even though this was clearly a half filler episode it had some aspects of it that were not filler (Emma getting tenure over Will and Sue). It also gets a better grade than Gossip Girl because it did not do as much copying and pasting, in fact it did more paraphrasing than anything.

Episode Grade: B

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New Girl

This show is beyond cute. The only problem with it is that I wish it was longer. I am glad that it is not though because I would have a really hard time reviewing it. I have a hard time reviewing comedy in general though.

The biggest problem with this week was Schimdt’s lame attempt at office romance. Although the end result of it was funny, which saved it. I am sorry, but Schimdt’s antics just annoy me, but that could be because I’m surrounded by chauvinism all day at work. I used to think that Schimdt was funny but now… Well hopefully he will grow as a character

I like Winston and I was sad that he was not more featured this episode because I think he really does help to balance out Schimdt.

Jess and Nick. What can I say other than I wanted them to kiss, but at the same time I didn’t! Grr!!! So here is my issue, if they start dating and then break up it would be all awkward. Eventually one of them would have to move out. So I don’t want them to date right away; but I do want them to date. Will this stop me from complaining about it until the actually start dating, not at all!

Nick is really depressing though. I don’t know if the writers are really stuck in making each character such a polarization of their personality type (i.e. – Jess – sunshine to the point of being naïve, Schimdt – a walking sexual harassment case) but it is kind of starting to get a little over written. I would like to see them have more balance.

However it is great that Nick and Jess butt heads so much about how the world is; plus it is super funny.

I would say that in terms of being cute this episode rocked but in terms of there being any kind of character development not so much. I would have to give it a: B- because really I think this show is just supposed to be cute and tries to be funny at the same time.

Episode Grade: B-

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9 thoughts on “It’s only Wednesday….

  1. Aww I totally agree about Glee and Gossip Girl. I haven’t seen the other shows. I’d give GG a slightly higher rating though just because I loved the Dair so much and even if the plots were recycled they seemed well done. Hopefully more Dair coming soon ;)!

    On Glee: I love Santana, hopefully Finn listens to Kurt.

    • LOL! If I was just rating the Dair scenes it would get an A+. That hotel scene was priceless and I loved how Blair finally realized that Dan cares about her more than Louis. Now if she could just realize that he cares about her more than Chuck does.

  2. I agree so much with this! The episode was way above, well, basically everything that came after 504. The dialogue was FUN, at least it was when Chuck wasn’t bringing down everything with his recycled lines. I truly believe copy/paste is their writing technique of choice when it comes to his scenes with Blair. Ed isn’t even trying…

    Anyway, as far as Dair goes, it was pretty darn amazing all around. We got plenty of scenes, and Penn and Leighton brought up the best of themselves, as per usual. Plus, many things they had to talk about were discussed, take your pick: vows, friendship, Inside! And I felt that it gave Dair’s relationship a clean slate. Not sure if you agree, but I felt that all those things they needed to say and had been keeping in, were anchoring them onto that friends-only-zone. I feel that, now that is all out of the hat, they can go on and beyond that, to, say, the MET steps, where kissage will ensue…

    • No, I totally agree about the clean slate. Although I am not sure if they really needed it. I do agree that Blair telling Dan that she does care about him was super important. I mean Dan was really starting to get frustrated with Blair, I don’t think he would have given up on her, but he was starting to wonder if she even thought of him as a friend. The fact that she picks on him more than anyone else also shows how much she cares about him. I mean after all, she is only 21. This is the kind of relationship you have with your guy friend that you secretly like. Unless that was just me, I don’t think it was, I’m pretty sure other people I know did the same thing.

      • LOL I am guilty as charged, tbh.

        The thing that bugs me is that this show has 20/21 year old people acting as if they were 40, but that’s another story.

  3. I agree with your assessment of Gossip Girl. I was just so happy it was fun. I am tired of the drama llama coming in and taking over. I actually liked all of the little story lines. Nate and Lola were cute if insignificant, Rufus was amusing, and Eleanor started on the path to redeeming herself in eyes.

    Still haven’t watched this week’s Glee, but it sounds fun, so I will definitely make sure I get around to it.

    Ringer, oh Ringer. I am so far behind on this show. I really love elements of it (mostly SMG and Ioan), but it is so mired in it’s concept that I think it’s losing characterization along the way, and so I just keep forgetting about it. I am not looking forward to the rape story line, but I am happy to see Jason Dohring still getting work.

    I need to watch New Girl. I keep meaning to, but forgetting.

    Oh, and Smash. I loved it. It looks like it is going to be a delightful guilty pleasure type show with beautiful costumes and lovely singer. I’m sold.

    • Gah, I knew I forgot to put in my standard disclaimer of, I really do not pay attention to anything that happens unless Blair is on the screen, for my GG review. I totally forgot about Eleanor. I am happy that she stood up for her daughter this episode. She is so never going to win mother of the year, ever, but she was trying. I think I was still mad at her misguided attempt last week at trying to marry off her daughter to Chuck (the psychologically abusive bastard). Okay I will stop because otherwise I will get into full on rant mode.

      You have to watch New Girl. If you don’t watch Ringer it is no loss, trust me, it is just the most confusing show ever, it’s like trying to Lost and Alias at the same time, it doesn’t really know what it wants to be. But New Girl, that is just good cute fun!!!

      Smash, I am really looking forward to it. But it is on Monday and my DVR already has a lot of different shows competing for it’s recording skills on Monday night. I hope they post the show on Hulu because I think I’ll have to watch it that way. I really love Debra Messing, she is just so funny.

  4. I total agree with your review on GG. Everything seems recycled all when it comes to all the others character. But as far as the dialogue between Dan and Blair, it was flawless. How I missed that. I think I’ve watched the fight and apology over 20 times. Cant wait to see your next review. 😀

    • They have the most original dialogue out of all of the characters. It kind of makes me laugh because while all the money gets spent on Serena’s wardrobe the writing efforts seem to go towards Dan and Blair. It’s a very interesting combination for the show. I am super excited for tonight’s episode. I can’t wait!

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