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OUAT and Castle Reviews today…. Don’t worry my lovely readers (all two of you) I will be posting my Gossip Girl Review later.

Anyway, clearly someone out there wants me to be watching less tv, and really can you blame them? I should be doing more constructive things with my time. I really should. Oh well, better to be addicted to TV than crack, just saying.

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OUAT | Castle

Once Upon A Time (OUAT)

I was disappointed this week. I know, everyone’s favorite couple is Snow and Charming. And yes, technically they are central to the whole OUAT-verse but I do not know… I just had really conflicting feelings about this episode.

In previous episodes I am always kind of rooting for Mary Margret and David, but this time I kind of felt let down by them. I get it, fairytale was not easy, and there were bad things that Snow and Charming had to overcome. The real world is supposed to be that times ten, yep, totally with you on the concept. I just can’t feel bad for Mary Margret for what happened to her this week, and I think I am suppose to feel bad for her, but I did not.

First of all Mary M has been pretty much gallivanting around town with David, umm hello, worst way to keep an affair secret. Secondly, I think pretty much everyone in town knew about the affair before David’s wife Kathryn. Finally, I think Mary M should not have expected to be treated any differently, even if David was the one to tell Kathryn. Umm, you were having an affair with her husband! What did you think was going to happen?

Anyway, I did feel really bad for Kathryn. She was trying to do the right thing and forgive both Mary M and David, which was very big of her, but then she went off and vanished. Ugh, Regina, seriously can you please go jump off a cliff.

I know that I am suppose to hate Regina, she is the evil queen, but it would be nice if all of her plans to mess with Mary M and David did not work out. I mean they are already going to have enough to deal with since the whole town pretty much thinks that Mary M is tramp. You would think that would be enough for her, but nope. Oh well.

So over all I found this episode to be kind of predictable. This is the first time that I have felt like there was a filler episode for OUAT. I guess it was bound to happen. I mean last week was just so good and how could they possible out do that. I just feel like if you are going to focus on your major couple then there should be something more that I take away from the episode then, Mary M and David are still not together and Kathryn is still a depressed mess, but now she is a depressed mess on the run.

Episode Grade: C

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So I did not review the first half of this two parter last week, mostly because I did not watch the first part until like Friday. Do not get me wrong, I used to love Castle. Although after the second season I kind of felt a little less enthused about it and well now I kind of have to say the only reason that I really watch is because of Nathan Fillion. This is why I do not normally review this show, or watch it live. However, since I watched it life I feel like I should review it.

I am sorry to say that I was not impressed. First of all they were making a big deal about the guest star, cause she was the star of the Flash Dance movie in the 80’s. Yes, she is pretty but really she did not bring anything else to the character that she played.

Anyway, the episode started weakly for me. You have this major cliff hanger that Castle and Beckett are drowning in a car. I am sorry, but how many times have these two been in a life or death situation where it basically looked like they were going to die over the years Castle has been on the air? And you know what happens every time? They don’t die. Hmm, I wonder why… I get it, police work is dangerous, but really you do not have to try to kill of the two leads at least once a season to prove it to me.

Yes, the first time you did it there was drama and tension but now it’s like, okay whatever, I know they are going to get out of the car. You know what would be more dramatic, maybe actually put one of them in a coma, but you won’t cause that would not give you good pretty resolution at the end of the hour.

Anyway, I think the highlight of this episode was at the end when the guest star basically called out Castle which was actually like calling out the show. We all know how it is going to end because Castle never just lets things go, if it does not make sense to him then he will keep going till it makes sense. So of course we are going to get to know what actually happened, sure they might not always be able to prove it to get convection but we know that at the end of the day Castle and Beckett will close the case.

The only redeeming thing about this show is the personal interaction between the characters. They are just so loveable that you want to see what is going on in their personal lives, and thankfully the writers let you. I think without that aspect I would have stopped watching it even with Nathan Fillion. I will be sad if they really do lessen Alexis’s role next season since she is suppose to be going off to college but hopefully that will open the option for more Beckett and Castle interaction, although I doubt it. Something tells me that the writers will be dragging their heels on this relationship forever.

Anyway this episode is getting a C minus because since it was the second half of a two parter I really expected more from it. I mean I bothered to watch it live the least you could do is come up with a better excuse than the seemingly American CIA agent was actually a sleeper KGB agent.

Episode Grade: C-

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