Glee Review: Y TXTing is BAD

Is it too soon? It might be too soon. Sorry if it is too soon to refer to the texting.

Anyway, I normally would be writing my Gossip Girl review right now instead of a Glee one but I felt the need to write a Glee review after last night’s episode.

As always, I want to know what you think too so don’t forget to leave some feedback, PLEASE!!!

I have never cried so much for a minor character, and by minor I mean non-series regular. This episode opened with Karofsky, the former bully jock who was secretly gay, walking into the lock room of his new school. Across his locker is spray painted a derogatory term. In my school this would have been a hate crime but we are in Ohio so I will let this slide. What I will not let slide is FOX’s utter lack of putting up a PSA about teen suicide. Seriously! You put a warning on before New Girl but nothing before Glee? ARE YOU STUIPD FOX!!!

Okay back to the show. Karofsky is very depressed, and he has every right to be, he feels alone and like no one cares about him. I knew the second he pulled out the suit what he was going to do. I started crying right then because I just can’t even imagine what he must have felt like. Thankfully his dad found him before it was too late.

However back at good ol’ McKinley High the principle is talking to the only 4 teachers in the school (seriously there should have been an all staff meeting but it is TV) and saying that they have to be careful about how they talk about this with the students since Karofsky still has a lot of friends left at the school. All the teachers feel guilty, like they should have known something was up. Seriously though, they were not his teacher anymore so they really could not have known. And as Will pointed out it is much harder to be a teen right now, what with texting, tweeting, facebook, tumblr, and all the other social media crap that is out there.

Sure Karofsky was a bully, but a hate crime is still a hate crime and no one deserves to feel like they are bad person because of their sexual orientation. Nor do they deserve to be outted if they are not ready to tell other people.

Anyway the kids are all morose about it and Quinn decides to open her big mouth and explain why she thinks Karofsky was being selfish. Can I slap you? Yes, you were pregnant, and you went through a lot, I give you that, but you still had a support system. Granted, I do not agree with Kurt when he said that she did not feel like the whole world stopped loving her. Quinn had a very close relationship with her parents and when she told them she was pregnant they kicked her out. If it was me having my parents say they do not want me around anymore would be like the whole world no long loves me. Still, Quinn should have just kept her thoughts to herself.

Oh yeah, there was also this little sub-plot of one of the jerks at Blaine’s old school threatening to post a Photoshopped picture of Finn but it got resolved. Anyway the Jerk-arblers decided to dedicate their performance to Karofsky and take up donations for a charity. Again, FOX, an excellent time to put in a PSA about hate crimes, sexual orientation, and teen suicide, but nope.

So the New Directions rocks it out with two of the best songs this season, the third song was just so-so. It actually turns out that the third song was not an original song, but you could have fooled me. Guess what, New Directions wins. OMG, I WAS SO SHOCKED! (insert sarcastic snort here)

Oh all of this suicide and life is short talk has also prompted Rachel and Finn to move up their wedding. So as soon as the competition is over they head over to the court house to get hitched. Not before Sue decides to make Quinn a Cheerio again. Then in her Cheerio uniform Quinn tells Rachel that she wants to go to the wedding. They hug, aww. But oh no, Quinn’s bridesmaid dress is at home. She is just gonna pop back home and grab it. Anyone else going, bridesmaid dress? Yeah apparently there was a scene where the New Direction girls went shopping but due to timing constraints it was cut from the on-air broadcast (don’t I sound so official?).

So at the court house Rachel and Finn’s parents are flipping out and trying to figure out a way to stop this wedding. Correct me if I am wrong, cause I maybe, but isn’t Rachel still just 17? Wouldn’t she need her Dads permission to get married anyway? Umm, there seems to be a simple solution to me. But let’s try causing a major distraction and kidnapping Rachel instead. After all, that would be easier.

But the wedding cannot start without Rachel’s new bestie Quinn. This brings us to our final lesson of the evening. Texting while driving is bad. Even if you are looking straight ahead you still can miss something. Oh Quinn! I do feel bad for you but I am not afraid! I can feel it in my bones that you will somehow make it through. (Plus there are a massive amount of spoilers around saying that you’re gonna make it.)

Anyway this episode was really good, if a little overly depressing. I mean we had the whole scene where Will told all the New Direction kids that he tried to commit suicide once. I think it would have still been effective without us seeing “him” at the top of the building. But the director disagreed with me so… Also, Kurt was so freaking awesome for how supportive he was of Karofsky, sure he can be a little over dramatic and annoying (sorry I am not his biggest fan) but when it matters he can man up and be real!

The other thing about this episode was that it did not try to awkwardly fit in songs, well there was that one song with Blaine but other than that. The fact that songs actually had a place in the episode that made sense and did not have to struggle to have meaning in the storyline made them awesome. I am not sure how they are going to be able to keep doing this but I hope they can. It was par to of what made season 1 so great, the songs just fit without you feeling like they were being shoved down your throat.

Episode Grade: A-
Explanation: The random song that Blaine did really was not needed and I would have rather seen the bride dress shopping.

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