TV Review: Once Upon A Time and Criminal Minds: My Red Right Hand

It has been awhile since I’ve done a review. Sorry! I’ve just been lazy. Plus most of my shows are on hiatus, again. Thank goodness for May Sweeps.

So today what should we talking about? What about Once Upon A Time and Criminal Minds?

OUAT | Criminal Minds

Once Upon A Time (OUAT)

Wow! This show somehow always manages to be good. I have been very impressed so far, even the filler episodes entertain me. This past Sunday’s episode I was little worried about. There seems to have been a lot of build-up in the fan base around Red Riding Hood so I had a feeling that I might be let down by her adventures, boy was I wrong!

So in a huge deviation from the Grimm’s brothers Red lives with her Granny in a village that seems to be plagued with something they call Wolfstime. At first you do not really know that Wolfstime happens every month but later on you figure it out that it happens whenever there is a full moon. Why wait to tell your audience this? Well because if you are going by the classic fairy tales you are probably like me and figured the wolf was going to be an actual wolf or at least some kind of beast. Nothing is ever that simple in fairy tale land.

Meanwhile in Storybrooke Ruby is sick of Granny always telling her what to do and the last straw is when Granny asks her to work more shifts. Ruby quits and storms out. Henry is super cute though and helps her try to find a job. The fact that Henry is such a cute kid totally makes up for the creepy dolls I had to endure early this week on Pretty Little Liars *shudders*. Anyway, Ruby is actually pretty good at answering phones and Emma decides to hire her to help out at the station.

The interesting about Ruby is that despite her appearance she has very low self-esteem and does not think that she will be good at anything. Henry tells his bio-mom that Ruby can handle more jobs than just fetching lunch. He lets her know that Ruby is Little Red Riding Hood and that she is wicked cool. Emma smiles at him and tells him to get a move on so he isn’t late for his mom, the evil queen mayor.

At this point I have to get on my soap box a little. As someone who is adopted I have a problem with the fact that Henry’s mom is the Evil Queen. My “adopted” parents are awesome, because they are my real mom and dad. I always get a little pissy when people are like, but do you know your real mom and dad? Why? Because my mom and dad are my real mom and dad. I do not know my biological parents, I probably will never know them. Anyway, this is my only issue with Once and I just wanted to share that. Okay I’m done now.

Red is out gathering eggs for breakfast when she runs into Snow White, who tells Red that her name is Mary. The two get along wonderful and Red invites “Mary” back to the house. On the way home though when Red stops to get water the find a field bodies, oh and the well has blood in it too, eww! I guess the wolf took one look at the hunters and went all bad a$$ on them. Hey, if someone one was hunting you then you would probably do the same, just saying.

Things are getting bad for Red though. She and Snow have been talking and Red has decided that she wants to run off with Peter. Before she can do that though she wants to try to hunt down the wolf, because it is day time and the wolf is sleeping. So she some mad tracking skills that she has and she and Snow track the wolf. As they track the wolf they see that the foot prints go from wolfy to human. Shocker!!! They keep tracking the prints all the way back to…. Red’s cottage with Granny. Since Peter was the last one by Red’s window both girls think that Peter is the wolf. Personally I think it is Granny. Or the creepy town leader because he was the only one from the hunting party who made out alive.

While Ruby is getting the food for Emma she talks with Granny who is not all that impressed with her new job. This of course does not help Ruby’s self-esteem and when she gets back with the sandwiches and drinks. After lamenting that getting food is the only thing that she seems to be able to do Emma decides to bring Ruby with her to try to find David, who has gone missing. Surprise, surprise Ruby’s tracking skills have crossed over to the real world. She is able to find David, who is passed out in the forest with a nasty looking cut on his head.

It turns out that David is having black outs again and this may explain why he called Kathryn but does not remember calling her. Oh and the cut on his head is superficial. Any other Alias fans out there see David Anders? Never trust Sark, that’s all I’m saying. So Dr. Whale basically gives David the all clear but does say that yes maybe he could have called Kathryn in is black out. David freaks out because he thinks that this means that he could have done something to Kathryn.

Emma tries to get David to calm down. She decides to see where he might have gone while he was blacked out. So she calls Ruby and tells her to go to the toll bridge (troll bridge) to see if there is anything there. Ruby does not want to go because she does not think she will go but finally listens to Emma and heads out there. The lady should of trusted her instincts because while on the phone with Emma she digs up a box. Inside the box is something that makes her scream (fyi – it’s a human heart).

Red is now talking with Peter and they have decided that they are going to chain Peter up for the night and see if he turns into the wolf. So that Granny does not suspect anything Snow wears Red’s cloak and lies in bed. Granny figures it out though and promptly wigs out on Snow, even more so when she finds out that Peter is chained up. Why you ask? Well Red is the wolf, not Peter.

Unfortunately for Peter Wolf!Red gets to him before Granny and Snow. Granny and Snow manage to get Red’s cloak back on her, which turns her back into a human. Red is confused and does not know what is going but the hunting party is coming. She and Snow have to make a dash for it leaving Granny behind to deal with the hunting party. At this point we have to use a little deductive reasoning to assume that Granny got everything sorted because she is still alive in Storybrooke. However, we never actually see how Granny managed to deal with the hunting party.

Back in good old Storybrooke Emma gets the box with a heart from Red. After she sends the box of to the fastest forensic lab ever she pays David a visit in the hospital, Mary Margret is there too. She tells them about the box and that they do not know yet if the heart is Kathryn’s. David does not care he wants Emma to arrest him. She can’t though, because the forensics lab came back with fingerprints and those prints belong to…. Mary Margret. Poor Mary Margret!

Ruby decides she is done with her little adventure outside the world of Granny’s café. She would rather be making people happy and bring them food than find human hearts in boxes. Can you blame her? Pies and milkshakes are way cooler than human hearts. She also finds out that Granny did not want to ruin her life, she just wanted to make sure that Ruby would be able to handle the café when she retires. They hug and make up, yay!

Is anyone else slightly worried about the next full moon in Storybrooke though? Or is that just me? I guess I am hoping that when Regina brought them from fairytale world she somehow made it so that she is the only one who can use magic at all. That way I won’t have to worry about Ruby wolfing out and killing everyone.

Other than my wolf worries I really enjoyed this episode.

Episode Grade: A

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Criminal Minds

Okay I am going to spend very little time talking about the case because really it just wigged me out!

This week our heroes are trying to track down a killer who is going after foster parents. What is it with network TV and giving a bad reputation to foster parents and adoptive parents?!?! UGH!!! Anyway, this woman is going around killing foster parents and our favorite band of behavioral analysts have to track her down.

Here is a somewhat technically issue that I had with this episode. I am guessing that the crime scenes get processed at some point, so wouldn’t the find some kind of DNA that would have let them know that they were looking for a woman? I mean it wasn’t like the lady was a criminal mastermind. She was just went around killing the foster families, I’m sure she left behind some DNA somewhere. Instead my FBI buddies go around thinking the killer is a man for about half of the episode. Oh well.

It turns out that this lady is actually really psycho and had a baby with a baby. Yes, I had to. This former teacher went and had sex with her student and got herself knocked up. She was locked away but let out for good behavior? Well after finding and killing the baby’s adoptive mother (again why with the bad rep for adoptive parents?) she takes the baby and pays a visit to her student.

My buddy Reid figures out that it is a woman, finally, after finding the last foster mom. Then using the brilliance of my favorite hacker they track down the woman, the baby baby daddy, and the baby. Thank god! Oh and it turns out that the teacher had slept with another student too. She was only using her current baby baby daddy as a surrogate for the previous student. The woman is messed up on all kinds of levels.

Other than the icky factor that came with this case, and really which one of the CM cases come without an ick factor, I really enjoyed this episode. But also because while all of this was going my baby girl was freaking out!!!

It turns out that Garcia’s boyfriend, Kevin, wants to take things to next level! He wants to get married. And he did the cutest thing ever, he asked Morgan for help because he wants to make the proposal special. Garcia sees this going on and starts grilling Morgan for answers and he will not give them to her.

So while she is trying to help out the team from the FBI home base she is getting visits from Kevin. She tries her best to avoid him because she thinks that she knows what is going on. Instead he brings her dinner from her favorite restaurant and a red velvet cupcake. How many of you actually thought there was a ring in there? I really thought there was!!! Garcia is still edgy though.

At the end of the episode she and Kevin talk. She tells him that she saw him talking to Morgan and she thinks she knows what it is about. She basically tells Kevin that she is not ready to get married and that she loves what they have right now. That is not enough for Kevin and he walks away, which breaks my heart. I like Kevin, his geekiness compliments Garcia. Sure, I would love for Morgan and Garcia to get together and get married, but I would not have been opposed to a Garcia and Kevin wedding. So there is half of me that is cheering because Kevin is gone and another half that is sad because Kevin was a nice guy. *frowny face*

The balance of Gracia’s cuteness over being freaked out by her possible proposal from Kevin off set the ickiness from the teacher and student baby story. So well done!

Episode Grade: A

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