Short Review: New Girl

I find it hard to review comedies because everyone’s view point of what is funny is different.  Plus, most comedies are only put in a 30 minute time slot.  30 minutes is really not enough time for me to formulate a critical opinion about tv show.

However, I really like New Girl, and it is the only thing I watch on Tuesdays that I am willing to review right now.  Yes, I watch Hart of Dixie, which you would know if you followed my twitter (@afcrane) but I have decided not to review it for now.

Okay enough excuses now.  New Girl, this episode was very cute and funny, as most New Girl episodes are which is probably why the show is so successful.  Jess has decided that she is no longer going to do the relationship thing but she is having a hard time with casual sex.  So Schmidt decides that they all should go out on a group date to get Jess ready for her sex-capades.  After stating that friends help friends have causal meaningless sex, Winston and Nick agree to the date idea.

Of course Winston and Schimdt get sidetracked and Nick has to be on the date alone with Jess.  Pretty much the thin line that is denotes boyfriend/girlfriend status from friend status just gets much more blurry for Nick and Jess, which is of course what I have been waiting for.

Alas, it is not meant to be, yet.  The two get into a very heated and more than slightly couple-like argument.  Jess says that Nick drives her crazy and Nick says that Jess drives him crazy.  Give it time boys and girls, give it time.  Despite their big blow out Nick still ends up putting together an Ikea piece for Jess and says that they will set their own boundaries for their relationship rather than listen to what other people say they should do.  Jess agrees to this and to not use Nick as her emotional fluffer anymore.  Yay!

Pretty much this whole episode was written for us Ness (Nick/Jess) shippers.  The sidekicks this time were Winston and Schmidt.  Schmidt tried to pass himself off as a Romney to get a girl and Winston had a fight with his girlfriend.

I have to give this episode a shipper grade because I know that I am biased.  However, if I were to go on true writing style, acting, and storyline…  There was good continuation for Schmidt as he is trying to get over CeCe.  I had almost forgotten that Winston had a girlfriend, so it was good to be reminded of that, even though I think they are heading towards splitsville.  Nick did not really do any character development but he made a stand about his friendship with Jess which is awesome.

Episode Rating: B
Shipper Rating: A++++++++

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