TV Review: Gossip Girl – A Liveblog of “Dirty Rotten Scandals”

So tonight’s Gossip Girl was watched by my twin Beth, who is also a Dair fan, and myself.  Below is our liveblog of “Dirty Rotten Scandals”, or as I like to call it, the mocking of the retelling of “The Serena Also Rises”.  Enjoy, oh and this will not make sense if you haven’t watched the episode yet.  Sorry!!!  Oh and I really only like Blair on the show, so be forewarned 😀

Annabelle: Aww look at Blair   9:01 PM

Annabelle: Although I don’t really like that color on here.   9:02 PM

Annabelle: *her I mean LOL   9:02 PM

beth: shes all fashiony if only she didnt do it for chuck   9:02 PM

beth: dan would make sure she wasnt exhausting herself   9:02 PM

Annabelle: A conflict!!! Oh no, poor Blair!   9:02 PM

Annabelle: Yes Dan would make sure she was well rested   9:02 PM

Annabelle: Ugh so boring, and I can’t stand this, it’s all so fake   9:03 PM

Annabelle: Serena is no role model for anything   9:04 PM

beth: awww   9:04 PM

beth: Sage i stopped paying attentuion lol   9:04 PM

Annabelle: Sage, oh right, I forgot that was her name   9:05 PM

Annabelle: I was a girl like Sage, yes you were Serena, a brat and a druggie, actually I think that Sage is better than you were   9:05 PM

beth: chucks hair is awful   9:05 PM

Annabelle: WTF IS WITH HIS HAIR?   9:05 PM

Annabelle: It’s buzzd on the sides?   9:05 PM

Annabelle: And Nate’s hair?   9:05 PM

Annabelle: Aww, Monkey likes Dan   9:06 PM

beth: awww ikr   9:06 PM

Annabelle: Who is Grayson Carter?   9:06 PM

beth: idk some journalist   9:07 PM

Annabelle: And who are the Astors?   9:07 PM

Annabelle: Rivy, creepy   9:07 PM

Annabelle: GF word from Ivy, how wonderful, poor Rufus puppy   9:07 PM

Annabelle: Oh and Dan didn’t even bother to tell him that he is home   9:07 PM

beth: awww lmao rufus   9:08 PM

beth: i wonder who dan wrote about this week   9:08 PM

beth: Serena   9:08 PM

Annabelle: Sage, so fake   9:08 PM

Annabelle: If you believe her Serena you are the most stupid person in the world   9:09 PM

Annabelle: Blair and Serena are the worst friends ever   9:09 PM

beth: the bit about how Serena is walking in the show and not B reminds me of 104   9:09 PM

Annabelle: Blair is trying, and Serena doesn’t even care.   9:09 PM

Annabelle: Aww Blair is gonna crack   9:10 PM

beth: Blair will faint because DAN ISNT THERE   9:10 PM

Annabelle: Blair is going to faint?   9:10 PM

Annabelle: Yep, she just went down.   9:11 PM


Annabelle: Ugh Serena, you are the worst parent ever   9:14 PM

Annabelle: Get ready for the lie   9:14 PM

Annabelle: No moment for sleeping   9:15 PM

beth: CHUCK IS SUCH A BAD BF   9:15 PM

Annabelle: LOL, she almost collapsed again   9:15 PM

Annabelle: Serena is so not a mentor   9:16 PM

Annabelle: Of course it’s Steven’s job to handle his kid, duh   9:16 PM

Annabelle: Suck it humphrey?   9:16 PM

Annabelle: I guess his post must have been about Rufus   9:17 PM

beth: yess i guess so   9:17 PM

Annabelle: OMG she is going to push him to sue?   9:17 PM

Annabelle: Ivy wow!!!   9:17 PM

Annabelle: Unless Ivy is gossip girl   9:17 PM

beth: Ivu is gg   9:18 PM

Annabelle: duh duh duh!!!   9:18 PM

beth: thats what i was gonna say   9:18 PM

Annabelle: Aww Blair, that is so mean   9:18 PM

beth: ugh they are writing blair so highschool   9:18 PM

Annabelle: They really are, poor Blair, just what you don’t need. Chuckles   9:19 PM

Annabelle: Running her own company   9:19 PM

beth: lol sage   9:19 PM

Annabelle: Sage is good at this game   9:19 PM

beth: ooops Sage   9:20 PM

Annabelle: LOL serena just walked right into that. Seriously, did she think that Sage got herself a spot in that show?   9:21 PM

beth: yeepp   9:24 PM

Annabelle: Serena needs a brain transplant, oh and a face lift, state. Sage is out Serena-ing and Blair-ing her   9:25 PM

Annabelle: He was a Candy Stripper? BS   9:25 PM

Annabelle: EWWW!!!!!   9:25 PM

beth: EWWWW   9:26 PM

beth: worst scene   9:26 PM

beth: and dorota ships dair STOP REWRITING LOL   9:26 PM

Annabelle: Very much so   9:26 PM

Annabelle: Eww, swallows   9:26 PM

beth: dateee   9:26 PM

beth: rufus   9:26 PM

Annabelle: Banging Ivy Dickins, wow, that sounds like the title of a porno   9:26 PM

Annabelle: That is a very pretty dress on Blair   9:27 PM

beth: EW EW EW   9:27 PM

beth: yes it is   9:27 PM

Annabelle: He seriously needs to give up the the bowties   9:27 PM

Annabelle: Ew one step closer *gag me*   9:27 PM

Annabelle: OMG they matched her eye shadow to his shirt!   9:28 PM

beth: chair?   9:28 PM

Annabelle: Yes Chair   9:28 PM

Annabelle: New Real Family, blah   9:28 PM

beth: yeeep   9:29 PM

Annabelle: Sage should get some help from Blair   9:29 PM

beth: haha she already is good at scheming   9:32 PM

beth: fashion show time   9:32 PM

Annabelle: Oh it’s back, I thought it was a car ad for a second   9:32 PM

Annabelle: Aww all calm and collected, yay for Blair   9:33 PM

beth: lmao steven   9:33 PM

Annabelle: LOL they are all so fake   9:34 PM

beth: lmao about how he’s gay anderson cooper   9:34 PM

beth: YEAH NELLY YUKI   9:35 PM

Annabelle: LOL serena just insulted Nelly Yuki   9:35 PM

Annabelle: Serena Sabotage, LOL   9:36 PM

Annabelle: She asked me to call her SERENA!   9:36 PM

beth: FAVORITE   9:36 PM

beth: aw poor rufus   9:36 PM

Annabelle: Bad family blood   9:37 PM

Annabelle: What was that text? I never see the texts   9:37 PM

beth: wait who texted dan?   9:37 PM

beth: i think they didnt show it   9:37 PM

beth: YES SHE DID   9:37 PM

Annabelle: Oh Rufus! He did catch on, lol   9:37 PM

Annabelle: Seriously, hats Blair? Sigh   9:37 PM

Annabelle: Eww   9:37 PM

beth: lol its so weird that N’s still dating her she’s so youung   9:37 PM

Annabelle: she is 17!   9:37 PM

beth: aw Nate’s all business-y   9:38 PM

beth: OMG   9:38 PM

Annabelle: Oh what now?   9:39 PM

Annabelle: Dan is going with Vanity Fair? Lame   9:39 PM

beth: idk im mad that dan betrayed nate lol   9:39 PM

beth: fashion show   9:39 PM

Annabelle: I’m not liking the collection   9:39 PM

Annabelle: And Sage looks super stiff walking   9:39 PM

beth: me neither but ehhh wasnt paying too much attentiin   9:39 PM

beth: OH SHIT   9:39 PM

beth: BLAIR   9:40 PM

Annabelle: Did Blair do that?   9:40 PM

Annabelle: OMG!!! Poor Blair!!!   9:40 PM

beth: IDK i cant tell yet   9:40 PM

Annabelle: How come Blair always has to fail? It’s so not right   9:42 PM


Annabelle: The really do. They just want to make it look like they can’t do anything without a man   9:43 PM

beth: UGH   9:43 PM

Annabelle: And were does Serena get off being so pious, didn’t she do the same thing in season 1?   9:43 PM

beth: i dont remember lol   9:44 PM

Annabelle: Well I know she messed up the fashion show for Blair’s mom, that much I remember, recycled storyline much?   9:44 PM

beth: yepppp they dont have any new storylines   9:45 PM

Annabelle: BS Ivy   9:45 PM

Annabelle: BS   9:45 PM

beth: wth ivy   9:46 PM

Annabelle: Sigh, Ivy is so manipulative.   9:46 PM

beth: rivy is so werid lol   9:46 PM

beth: she is   9:47 PM

Annabelle: UGH!! Rufus you is gettin’ played!!!!   9:47 PM

beth: did Nate say, “I might hit you”   9:47 PM

Annabelle: Wow, Dan!   9:47 PM

Annabelle: WHAT AN A##!!!!!   9:48 PM

beth: YEP

Annabelle: Oh I missed what chuck was doing   9:49 PM

beth: lmaoo yes   9:49 PM

beth: blair and serena   9:49 PM

Annabelle: I didn’t tell her to take of the dress   9:49 PM


Annabelle: Ha! Ha! Ha! Sage got you both   9:49 PM

beth: YES IKR   9:50 PM

Annabelle: Only a few minutes left! I’m ready for this re-hashing of the fashion show disasters to be over   9:52 PM


beth: i am ready for the DAIR SCENE   9:52 PM

Annabelle: Lol, at least someone has a Blair   9:52 PM

Annabelle: I mean brain, oops   9:52 PM

beth: lol sage   9:52 PM

beth: Sage: Serena, I’m sorry you were unclever enough to figure out what I was up to.   9:53 PM

Annabelle: Sage is funny. What about poor Blair? Steven do something for Blair! Sage wrecked Blair’s fashion show!   9:53 PM

Annabelle: Aww poor Blair!!!   9:53 PM

beth: poor Blair   9:53 PM

Annabelle: Blair you need to get over Serena, and just cut her out of your life!   9:54 PM

Annabelle: EWWW!!!!!!   9:55 PM

Annabelle: Double Eww!   9:55 PM

beth: GG “Every unhappy family is unhappy in it’s own way” at least that implied Chair were unhappy   9:55 PM

Annabelle: Grace and Serena? I would never put those words together   9:55 PM

Annabelle: Yes very true, unhappy chair, LOL   9:55 PM

beth: sagenate scene   9:55 PM

Annabelle: Nelly and Dan? Hmm interesting   9:56 PM

Annabelle: See ya Nelly!   9:57 PM

beth: aw poor nelly he ditched her   9:57 PM

Annabelle: Poor little miss Nelly!   9:57 PM

beth: EW CHAIR   9:57 PM

Annabelle: Blah more chair!   9:57 PM

Annabelle: They must have given him that hair cut to hide his thinning hair line   9:57 PM

beth: EWWWW   9:58 PM

beth: blair thinks she needs him because she isnt able to she…thinks she needs him but she doesnt   9:58 PM

Annabelle: She thinks she needs him because she is drunk   9:58 PM


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