Teen Wolf – The Rant

So it has been almost a year since I’ve done any reviews.  Mostly because I was not in the mood to do them after the epic failure of the ending of Gossip Girl.  They should have just not bothered to come back for the last 13 episodes, there was really no point.

Anyway this is more of a rant than a review because well I don’t like the majority of the characters on Teen Wolf, in fact I think I only like 3 of them out of the whole cast.  I still watch it though so I can talk to some of my twitter besties about the show.

So here we go….

WTF! I mean seriously, this episode could have actually been cut in half, there was no need for this episode to be as freaking long and pointless as it was.  If you have not watched the show, just don’t bother, just don’t. I mean I keep watching it but I would never suggest to anyone else to watch it.  I think it’s like my replacement for Gossip Girl.

Anyway, apparently Daddy Argent, who is a werewolf killer, tricked his teenager into think they were going to rescue the other two kidnapped parents.  Instead he handcuffed his daughter to a wall and tasered her new boyfriend.  Use your words instead Daddy Argent, use your words.  Oh and he forced is daughter to watch him get kidnapped.  BAD PARENT!  Go and get kidnapped on your own, don’t do it front of your daughter, that is just mean.  It did however lead to further solidification of the growing relationship between Allison (or as I like to call her Psycho Whiny Girl) and Issac.  I would say that I felt sorry for Scott but actually I am slightly more concerned about the wolf-fetish that Allison seems to have developed.  How can you be a good werewolf hunter if all you want to do is boink them?

Stiles has the worst panic attack ever, seriously, I’ve had panic attacks, they don’t look like that.  And no, kissing never helps anyone with a panic attack.  However, I will excuse this because Lydia and Stiles finally seem to be getting together and I like them.  Although, I’m not sure I like them together.  Anyway, they figure out that Lydia has been drawing the same creepy roots of a tree over and over again.

Which leads to Lydia having a just weird and pointless encounter with Peter.  You, me, you, me, you, well just come in then.  I guess I was expected Lydia to be a little bit more creative because normally she is snarkier than that but oh well.  Leading to another pointless scene, no Derek and Peter can’t help because they don’t remember where the roots are.  Oh and Derek is going to give up his Alpha powers to save his sister.  Which does not seem to be a good idea since it is Peter’s idea, and all Peter has ever done is talked him into do bad things. Why do you keep listening to this  guy? Seriously!

So some other stuff happens and finally Scott, who has abandoned the “good guys” side to become an Alpha pack Beta, decides that yes, he will stop his heart in order to find his Mommy.  I love my Mom, a lot, but I am pretty sure that if she found out that I was going to stop my heart and possibly die that she would be all, oh yell no!  The fact that doing so along with my bestie and my ex might open up the Hellmouth over our town, well that would probably also be a reason that she would steer me away from this course.

Not the adult mentors on Teen Wolf.  Nope, they like to put their teens in as much danger as possible and them make them responsible for cleaning up their adult messes.

So now Derek is a Beta (At least until he goes off and kills the Alpha pack when they all loose their powers because of the lunar eclipse.  No this does not need a spoiler alert, this is just what I think will happen.).  Scott learned that Allison and Issac are a thing and decided to kill himself.  Okay not really but almost!  What actually happened is that Scott, Stiles, and Allison decided they were cool with basically killing themselves to open the Hellmouth in Beacon Hills so they can get their parents back.  Talk about selfish!

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