REVIEW – Once Upon A Time: The Heart of the Truest Beliver

So I have not done a review/rant since that last super awful episode of Teen Wolf.  I decided not to review any of the fall openers because well there was really nothing that grabbed me about them, until tonight.  Once Upon A Time was pretty much awesome tonight.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

The Overview:

When last we left everyone they were heading off in various directions away from Storybrook. This could have provide to be awful, kind of like when the sent Snow and Emma back to the Enchanted Forest, so while I was excited for the show to return I was not going to hold my breath. Emma, Snow, Regina, Charming, Hook and Rumple were all heading to Neverland via the Jolly Roger. They are following Henry who got take via Bean Portal by two of last season’s badies (whoms names I’ve already forgotten). And Neal, or Baelfire, well he got shot and then ended up back in the Enchanted Forest.

Once the Jolly Roger is on the other side Rumple decides to vacate the ship, which turns out not to be a bad idea. Everyone else on the ship had a rip roaring time fighting each other until Emma was like, later fools and did a swan dive off the ship. (Get it, Swan dive.) Anyway, daddy Charming rescues her and they all eventually make it to the shore of Neverland.

Rumple finally manages to track down one of the lost boys and they show him a doll, which I am guessing something that Bael had, but that’s just a guess.  The doll makes him break down crying so I think it is a pretty good guess.  Basically he can either get Henry home or stay alive, not both. Since Rumple is still a “bad” guy we will see how this goes.

Poor Henry, he is just not having a good time in Neverland.  First of the two badies who brought him there, well they die.  One by Pan’s hand and the other by Rumple’s.  That is the only thing that matters about them.  Henry tries to out run the Lost Boys and runs into another boy who helps him out.  Guess what though, that boy, he is Peter Pan.  A very demented Peter Pan, I think he might have gone to the Mad Hatter’s tea party one too many times.  Henry is now in the hands of the Lost Boys, cue the Lord of the Flies references.

Poor Neal, he wakes up surrounded by people that really should be his friends, Mulan, Auror, and Phillip.  They don’t know him though, which is I think just too bad, but not my call.  Anyway Mulan and Neal have some banter and then they head out to his father’s castle.  Which is being occupied by Robin Hood, yes, this is the Enchanted Forest, this thing happen.  Neal doesn’t really care, the only thing he wants to do is to contact his dad or Emma.  Of course he is seriously wigged out when he finds out Emma is Neverland, but we don’t know what he will do, just yet.

The Good:

The banter between Neal and Mulan was seriously the highlight of the event.  Tonight’s first 30 minutes were very good.  A little predictable but not in a bad way, for example turning the mermaid into wood, really who thought that would help anything. Other than that I was pleasantly surprised.

The Bad:

The bad parts were just bad.  I am sorry but that kid being Peter Pan… Yeah I saw that coming half way through episode.  Then the fact that he is demented and the Lost Boys are too, that was just too much for me.  I feel like there are more “bad” characters than characters that are trying to redeem themselves or trying to be good.  This was the problem with last season, everyone was getting attacked from all sides.  There were a few too many new characters introduced for my liking which is why I am only giving it a 7 out of 10 but I think that things will get better.  Once’s opener, while not the best did give much promise to the season ahead.

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