Quick Review – The Originals – 1.06: Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

Well here is what you need to know.  Elijah keeps his promises.  Hayley has a HUGE baby pump now (say what?!?!).  Marcel is finally starting to close the loop on things, as is Cami.  And Rebekah and Klaus are both feeling a bit neglected.

Not enough for you? Okay, okay….

Marcel pretty much spends this whole episode trying to figure out what is going on with Klaus and his family and basically has decided that whatever they are up to has something to do with where they are staying.  Not too far off since they are hiding Hayley but he does not know that yet.  He basically stumbles his way through the whole episode trying to figure out what the deal with Klaus is; and we will come back to him in a bit.

Klaus is really trying to get Elijah to accept his apologizes for stuffing him in a coffin but Elijah is not so quick to forgive.  Can you blame him? We’ve only see him a hand full of times and it seems he gets “daggered” at least once, if not twice, a season.  Anyway while Klaus is brooding over ways to get Elijah to forgive him he also seems to notice that Elijah has an unusually high level of interest in Hayley.  Well it’s not like she can get pregnant again so I think you are safe Klaus, plus don’t you have a thing for Cammi?

Rebekah is really getting the short end of the stick.  Her brother comes home and hugs her for like two seconds (last week’s episode) and now she is left cleaning up after Klaus’s present.  Personally I would have told them to kill their own damn carpet and gone for a swim but that is just me.  She stays behind to look after Hayley, because you know a grown pregnant woman can’t look after herself; which leaves Elijah and Klaus free to wonder around NOLA.

Elijah drops off the spell that is suppose to help Davina learn how to control her magic.  Really it’s one to unlink Sophie from Hayley.  Oh, Elijah better hope Davina doesn’t find out that he pulled one over on her, she won’t be happy.  At the same time Sophie’s friend witch Elder Agnes kidnaps her and uses a totally non-sterile needle on her.  That needle isn’t carrying Sophie’s flu shot either, it’s basically going to cause Hayley to have a miscarriage.  Luckily since Sophie is still linked to Hayley the Mikaelson brothers find out that something is up right away and find Sophie’s friend who helps clue them in to the happenings with Agnes.

Klaus and Elijah find Sophie and while Klaus goes after Agnes Elijah takes Sophie back to Hayley to try to slow down the fast burn that is going to trigger a miscarriage.  Sophie tells Elijah and Rebekah that she needs some herbs and Rebekah has to go fetch them.  Once she returns Hayley is forced to drink something that probably tastes worse than sewer water but she also gets to cuddle with Elijah because that is suppose to “slow” her heart rate.  Um, yeah… Anyway while they are trying to get Hayley to not go supernova Davina is able to undo the knot. Yippe, one problem down!

Before Elijah leaves the women (seriously the number of misogynistic overtones in this episode alone) Sophie asks him to promise her that he will not let Klaus kill Agnes.  He makes the promise, slightly unwillingly.  Of course being the smart person that you are I am very sure that you have guessed that since Klaus isn’t able to do the killing that Elijah will execute the murders himself.  And suddenly I am filled with the same conflicting emotions I have when I watch Dexter.  I know I shouldn’t want Elijah to kill all these people but screw being morally right, these people clearly need to die.  Agnes and her minions are no more.

Rebekah starts to leave town but on her way out she makes a stop to Marcel and in addition to giving him the parting gift of sex she also gives him an apple. SERIOUSLY THAT IS JUST TOO MUCH!  An apple?!?! Like Adam and Eve? UGH!  Anyway, Marcel is able to figure out where the Mikaelsons are camped out from the apple.

While Elijah and Klaus are still out Marcel pays the mansion a visit and finds Hayley.  Meanwhile Klaus has a not so nice face off with Cami.  I do not think things are going to go well for them.  If they start dating her brain is basically going to have to be like Swiss Cheese; and she calls him out for compelling her so much.  Not that it will make him stop but good try Cami, good try.

Poor Hayley though, I guess she really couldn’t look after herself.  When Elijah returns home he finds that Hayley is gone, so he calls Rebekah hoping to find that the girls went out for a joy ride.  That’s when Klaus walks in.  Oops, you all lost Hayley, again.  Man, a pregnant werewolf shouldn’t be so hard to keep track of.

Overall Score: B-

Sorry I had to give it a B- because of the number of misogynistic plays that were written in.  I mean maybe I would have given it a B+ if they had not done the apple thing but they did.  I really am tempted to give them a C- because of the apple thing. Talk about your trope!  Other than that though the episode was pretty good, a bit choppy, but good.

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