Quick Review – Revolution: 2.07: Patriot Act

Well that wasn’t as nearly bad as I thought it was going to be. Just kidding! I didn’t think it was going to be bad at all!

A quick recap of tonight’s events: Monroe is alive, despite all of the trolling the Revolution writers were doing, that was annoying. Basically by the end of the episode everyone knows Monroe is alive, so what was the point of killing him? Aaron is now the main POI for the Patriots because he can control the electric fireflies. Rachel finds out that her Dad is a traitor. Miles and Charlie try to make sure that everything doesn’t fall apart but it does so they don’t really get high marks for planning an escape. Tom and Jason have a break through; unless Jason is faking it and is secretly planning to kill his dad in his sleep, seriously, it could still happen.

The Mathesons

Despite the fact that this episode basically did not highlight any of my favorite characters on the show and really was only about the characters that annoy the heck out of me it was pretty good. First, I am so glad that Rachel told Miles AND Charlie that she saved Monroe. I was worried that she would keep it a secret from Charlie (promo photos let me know that she at least let Miles know) but she surprised me, so yay!

Dr. Horne is super creepy. Where do I know him from? Anyway, he wants to be able to control those fireflies and because crazy can recognize crazy from a mile away Rachel knows that she should not let him anywhere near Aaron. He is much safer with Monroe, clearly.

The Mathesons make another failed prison break attempt but thankfully Aaron and Cynthia make it out. I don’t like Aaron but the idea of him being tortured by Horne still does not sit well with me so I’m glad he got out. And Monroe proved that even in a drug induced state he’s still got those killer instincts. So while Monroe, Aaron, and Cynthia make a break for it Miles and Charlie are still stuck in town and are having to deal with yet ANOTHER Rachel meltdown. I would feel sorry for her but she is supposed to be the smart one so she should have known something was up. Yeah, I know it’s her dad. Fine…

The Nevilles

Basically not much happens with Tom, Jason and Allenford other than the fact that they have a face of with some other Patriot cadets. Jason is now the son that Tom always wanted, a lean mean killing machine. Woohoo! Allenford wants to go after her own son since Tom has bonded so well with Jason. Tom though, well because he is a bit of a sociopath, only cares about the fact that she is married to Patriot High Commend and chains up Allenford. He wants details on her husband.

Gene Porter

I am really not sure about what the point of those flashbacks were, if it was supposed to make me empathic to Dr. Porter it did not work. I could have done without them and honestly we really only needed one to show us why he decided to make a deal with the Patriots. Now he is stuck with them because guess what, the big mean bullies will kill his whole family if he doesn’t do what they say. Oh, now there’s a shocker.

Overall Score: C+

I was never really invested in finding out more about Aaron or Gene so to suddenly have to focus on them for a whole episode was trying. That’s why it is a C+. I almost gave it a B- because there were some great lines in there. There was also the whole “MY BEST FRIEND” moment between Miles and Monroe which was great. Seeing Monroe high was totally the high point of the episode.

For those who ship Miloe: I think you all got some good rebuilding points going for ya. Neither Miles nor Mornoe tried to deck each other this episode. Yay for you!

For those who ship Charloe: Charlie asked Rachel to save Monroe. That is all, and it should be enough.

For those who ship Jarlie: Um, yeah sorry, not much happened. But hey they could still be working on this whole Hunger Games Peeta and Katniss angel for ya. I won’t spoil the books/movies for you by going into details.

If there are other ships let me know and I’ll report on them next time if I see anything. Night all! It’s lights out. *smirks*

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