Quick Review: Once Upon A Time – Dark Hallow 3.07

What can I say about tonight’s episode?  Well I was really looking forward to it and then it started.  There are many things that annoy me about television writing.  The biggest ones are when the writers try to cover the “big twist” but really give it away before the end of the show.

Tonight we spent the time split between Storybrooke and Neverland.  Ariel traveled to Storybrooke to retrieve something that Rumple and Regina needed.  The Charmings had some arguments.  Hook, Emma, and Neal tried to find a way off the island. Henry got played.

Low Points:

I really thought that Ariel going to Storybrooke would be a little bit more exciting than it was.  Her story last week was not great but it was not horrible either.  She and Belle are able to meet up.  They find the object Rumple wants , loss the object because they get captured, and then get the object back.  Ariel then heads back to Rumple to deliver said object.  Ariel finally gets her legs and now gets to go hunt down Eric.

It turns out that Pan is using Wendy to manipulate her brothers in the real world.  He basically sets this whole thing up so that Henry can meet Wendy and then finally agree to help Pan save magic in Neverland.  I am sorry I am really done with this storyline.  I knew from the second that he told that lost boy to make sure that Henry did not follow him that he actually did want Henry to follow him.  Plus it was pretty obvious that he was using Henry to manipulate Henry.  I am not sure if that was supposed to be a big plot twist moment, but it wasn’t.

High Points:

Emma, Neal, and Hook captured Pan’s shadow.  Hopefully this will help them get off the island of Neverland because I’m really starting to get bored with this whole storyline.  Every week is another one that goes by where they do not rescue Henry.  Henry needs to just save himself because I am not sure if they are ever going to get him.  Still the scene with all the shadows was pretty cool.  Emma also choosing her son over both Neal and Hook was nice moment.

Other things:

The Charmings are fighting.  I cannot really say that I blame Snow for being made at Charming.  He should have told her.  Still not talking was super childish and was kind of out of character for her.  I wonder if they will end up staying in Neverland.  If they do will they still be able to have kids, since nothing ages there?

Overall Score: C+

I really should give it a C- because I really did not find anything that was relevant that happened.  The story has not really moved much since the last week that I can seen.  All they keep doing is getting ready to go save Henry.  I am hopeful that they will actually get to him before the Winter break, right now it just feels like they are stalling, hence me just wanting to give it a C- but since Ariel did manage to make it back and Emma did manage to capture the shadow C+ it is.

2 thoughts on “Quick Review: Once Upon A Time – Dark Hallow 3.07

  1. I was thrilled when they started the Neverland story line, but it’s been a bit of a let down so far. For me, there’s been too much focus on the goody two shoes characters and even the villains are being sweet.
    Pan and his guys aren’t villain enough to hold my interest. I just can’t get scared by a twelve year old. And what was with all the dancing around the fire like baboons? They sure know how to party on Neverland don’t they!
    I must admit to loving the moment when they found Pandora’s bloody box though AND I was wondering who the Harry Potter type nerds were. John & Michael Darling. I clapped!
    In some respects it seems I’m easily pleased. Or is that the ten year old me?
    The Under The Dome steal was naughty too, chopping off a bit of a car? NO NO NO it’s supposed to be a cow!
    I thought Rumple’s brief conversation with Regina at the shoreline was interesting. From her expression he hit a nerve.
    Hook has to win Emma!
    Do you think there will be a thing with Tink and Neil? I thought there was definitely a look on her part.
    Well, I hope Pandora’s box opens up something cool. I’m trying to dredge up my limited knowledge of Greek mythology to figure out the trap. The only things I can think of are the Labyrinth and Tartarus.

  2. I am really just ready for this whole story line to be over with. I could not focus on the whole episode given the ridiculousness of the names that they were using for places. I never watched Under The Dome but if they did get the idea from that then I am not surprised. It was very convenient they only just got through the barrier.

    Hopefully once they open the box they will be able to stop Pan. I am really tired of him trying to turn Henry against his family. I am also tired of him always seeming to be one step ahead of everyone. He is suppose to be a boy. Sure a really old boy but come on.

    I am neutral about whom Emma chooses. I still miss Graham and I did like the interaction she had with August, before he got turned back into a boy. If Hook is smart though he will put off his scheming until he has safely delivered everyone back to Storybrooke because something tells me Emma would not appreciate his advances while she is trying to get her son back.

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