Quick Review: The Originals – 1.07 Bloodletting

How do I even summarize this episode in one paragraph?  Hmm… A special guest star shows up and causes trouble for the Mikaelson brothers.  Rebekah yet again has to endure some more biblical undertones.  Oh, and Davina gets a new friend.  Yep, that should do it!

So you want the real low down.  Here we go:

The Mikaelson Brothers:

Klaus and Elijah break up the vampire Fight Club.  Totally breaking the rule about not talking about vampire Fight Club by the way, um rude.  Anyway, they want Hayley back but Marcel’s all, I didn’t take her fools.  They wait him out and with help of Sabine the witch they are able to locate Hayley.  While this is going on we get our first look at the new and improved Tyler Lockwood, stronger, better, and only 20 percent more crazy.  Okay he is a lot crazier, what is with that though?  I am really starting to think the writers do not like his character or the actor that has to play him.

Tyler was the one who kidnapped Hayley and has taken her to the buoy so she can reconnect with her kin folk, right?  Not so much, he is going make his own army of hybrids, no wait, it’s not that either.  He is going to kill Hayley and the baby so that Klaus cannot make any more hybrids.  Hayley is crafty though and stabs him with a stake, this by no means make up for all of the rest of the crap he’s put her through but she is not sticking around.  She grabs a knife and makes a run for it.

While Hayley is making her great escape the Mikaelson brothers have at it over Hayley.  Well about how Elijah is acting towards Hayley.  Klaus tells Elijah to go for it, only way he does it does not sit so well with Elijah’s noble tendencies.  This bores Klaus and he decides to go after Tyler on his own.  I am pretty sure that 90 percent of what Klaus does he does out of boredom.

Hayley and Elijah are reunited and she spills the beans about how awful Klaus really is.  I think Elijah already knows that though so… Anyway Elijah believes Hayley’s story about Klaus knowing about the baby being able to make more hybrids, and can you blame him?  It is a very Klaus like thing to do.  Eventually they go off to find Klaus.

Klaus has been busy though.  He and Tyler have a big old fight and he almost kills Tyler.  Almost!  Instead he lets the poor vampire-wolf keep on living.  He thinks this is a good punishment for Tyler.  I think he should have killed the guy when he had a chance because something tells me that Tyler is not going to call it quits.  Not that I have anything against Tyler, or his plan for killing Klaus, but if I was Klaus I would have killed him.

When Klaus meets up with his baby mama and his brother they confront him about why he really wants to be a daddy.  I am not sure if I believe that Klaus did not suspect about the baby being able to make hybrids but I do think he was not fully aware of it.  He is now though and because he thinks that Elijah is being turned against him by Hayley he decides to bite his brother.  It seems like that is not going to kill Elijah but shouldn’t it?  Is anyone else confused by this or is it just me?  Also if Hayley’s blood helped make that other hybrid then why can’t it cure Elijah?  Maybe those are answers we will find out next week.

The Witch In a Church:

Davina is employeed by Marcel to “cure” one of his vampires from compulsion.  Fun for her not so much for the vampire that she is about to do her magic on.  In the end the two become friends and she does not wipe herself from his memory.  Something tells me that when Marcel finds out about this he will not be pleased.

The Wayward Sister:

Poor Rebekah becomes yet another victim of biblical undertones.  She starts of so well though, she kicks Marcel’s butt around, in a church no less.  However, she kind of folds under his charm, poor thing just wants to be loved so much.  Marcel takes her to his “garden”, yes that is the biblical reference that I was talking about.  Anyway, he tries to convince her if they “planet” Klaus here that they will be able to live happily ever after.  She must buy it because when she goes home to find Klaus she lies to him about Marcel having any plans to “do him in”.

Overall score: C+

I think I would have liked this episode better if Rebekah had been out trying to help her brothers find Hayley rather than being seduced again by Marcel.  However, both she and Hayley had some pretty BAMF moments so that helped boost up the score for the episode.  What lowered it?  I am really tired of seeing Klaus always going, why doesn’t anyone trust me, everyone hates me.  Oh I don’t know, maybe because you gave your brother a poisonous werewolf bite.  Of course I am betting that by the time that Elijah is cured he will forgive Klaus.  After all he did tell Hayley that he did some pretty disparaging things in his past as well.  Besides, their family.

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