Quick Review: Revolution – 2.08 Come Blow Your Horn

More like come waste 60 minutes of my life!  To say that I was unimpressed with this episode is putting it mildly.  Especially after last week’s episode where the entire thing revolved around characters that I was just not really that interested in.

So here is the low down: Aaron gets kidnapped.  Gene gets kidnapped.  Tom and Jason exercise their right to manipulate and torture. The Matheson Clan does some cooking and kidnapping.  Monroe is around for about two seconds, seriously, if you blinked you probably missed him.  Horn has daddy issues.

The Mathesons: Merry Kidnappers and Bombers Are We

Miles, Rachel, and Charlie are separated from basically everyone.  Rachel is on the war path against her dad and is ready to drop a bomb on him with the rest of the Patriots.  Before she can do that Aaron and Cynthia are brought back to town from the boat yard where they were hiding out with Monroe.  Poor Monroe, he’s all alone again.

After doing some very stealthy maneuvers Rachel is about to drop the bomb she and Charlie cooked up.  Even though it took her a good 16 minutes, okay maybe not that long, to get to the top of the building it only takes Miles 5 seconds to get there to stop her.  Instead of dropping the bomb Rachel, Charlie, and Miles kidnap Gene.

No one in Clan Matheson is happy.  As far as Rachel is concerned Aaron is more family than her dad is.  Wait just a minute!  You weren’t even around when Aaron and Ben became friends back in that village because you went off to Miles and Monroe.  If you turn on your dad that quick, well let’s just say I am glad I’m not related to Rachel Matheson.

Before they can come up with a good way to use Gene to free Aaron the Patriots corner them.  Gene is now with the Patriots again and M, R, C, are on the run, still.  On a happy note though, even though I did not think she would, Rachel has decided to approve the idea of getting back Aaron, Cynthia, and her dad.  Aww, family!

While all of that is going on we find out about Horn’s past and current situation.  His dad was extremely religious and also abusive.  Now Horn has a brain tumor, hence all that weird white stuff he drinks/injects.  He thinks that Aaron is the key to him being cured.  So he plays with knives and cuts up poor Aaron.  Oh and he also orders his people to stab Cynthia. Horn is just not a nice guy, someone buy that guy some therapy and a teddy bear.

The Nevilles: Perfecting The Art of Family

Tom goes to Allenford’s husband, Roger, and brings him back to the hideout where Jason is watching over Justine.  Poor Jason, he wasted all that effort not to kill Justine only to watch Roger shoot her dead.  What a lovely family reunion.

Overall Score: D+

I am hoping that this episode was just a poor attempt at filler.  I mean my fingers are crossed.  Literally this whole episode could have been condensed down into 15 minutes and I am pretty sure I would have been okay with it.  Here’s hoping that next week gets better.  There were not even any good one liners to help boost the score.   If you follow me on tumblr you know that I love to post the one liners.  Instead I am left posting my snarky comments that I normally reserve for my review.

If you are a Miloe Shipper:  Monroe really just wanted to know where Miles was the whole 5 seconds he was on the screen.  That’s something right?

If you ship anything else: Nothing, seriously there was nothing for you Charloe or Jarlie fans.  I am sorry. I wish I could report differently but I cannot.

204Monroe2  I feel bad for my fellow Revolution viewers so I am putting this here to help make up for tonight’s episode.  Stay strong!

2 thoughts on “Quick Review: Revolution – 2.08 Come Blow Your Horn

  1. The highlight for me was Monroe going super-ninja-dude at the boat yard. I had to watch that part again.
    And lol, did I walk into Breaking Bad? That cooking scene definitely needed a “yo bi**h!”
    I didn’t need to see the Dr Horn flashback, I could accept a torturing, psycho doctor in that world just fine, without a look at his past.
    I enjoyed Tom Neville’s scenes. I never know what he’s going to do, so they’re always interesting. I didn’t expect the gunshot!
    Overall I give it a meh 🙁

    • For sure, total meh! LOL Breaking Bad, yes! I bet that what Horn is injecting into himself too, crystal meth. HEHEHE. I saw on tumblr that one person thought that it might have been Monroe that killed everyone in the preview… I did not respond because I did not want to break their heart. I am pretty sure that it was Aaron that “did” it.

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