Quick Review: Revolution – 2.09 Everyone Says I Love You

Well, that just was straight out of left field.  Okay not really but still.  Here is a little paragraph about the happenings for tonight:

Aaron and Cynthia escape!  Charlie prefects the art of tracking while snarky.  Miles really needs to find a doctor and so does Rachel.  Bass makes some interesting choices.  Tom and Jason see things that cannot be unseen.

You want more?  You know what to do…

The Big Damn Heroes

So the whole opening could have been compressed down because really, if you didn’t realize that Aaron and Cynthia got away then  you are like at stealth level for avoiding spoilers.  Anyway Miles, Charlie, and Rachel find out that everyone in the compound they are about to storm is knocked out cold.  They go him and find that Aaron and Cynthia are gone.  However, Charlie has become a super tracker, way better than Miles, um when did that happen, and is able to get them on the path to Aaron and Cynthia.

They are almost caught by the Patriots, after Charlie looses the trail, but Monroe shows up and lends them a helping sword.  Monroe wants to part ways though right away but Miles won’t let him (if it’s love…).  Apparently, Miles is about to kick it because of the way his arm is NOT healing.  Monroe is forced to help them get Aaron back because he wants access to his son.

They manage to track down where Aaron and Cynthia are, but they do not put eyes on the pair.  Aaron is too busy having some moments stolen out of Six Sense to notice that his friends are around to rescue him.  It turns out that the nanotech is starting to get some sentience, in the form of a creepy kid.  Aaron however has not seen enough movies to know that you never piss of the creepy kid, never! He also asks the Tech not to kill anymore and to LEAVE HIM ALONE.  As a result when the Patriots do storm the high school that they are hiding out in the Tech is not around to help out.  Horn wants Aaron to use the Tech to heal him, but since Aaron told the Tech to buzz off Horn ends up putting a bullet in Cynthia instead.  So Aaron tells the Tech to kill everyone.  The Tech complies and then is like, you be psycho, peace out sucker!  Not before asking the simple question, why didn’t you just ask me to heal [Cynthia], ouch!  Aaron is just making all kinds of bad judgment calls.  On the plus side, well depending how you look at it, Calvin Horn is dead.

While this is going on our heroes, plus Monroe, split up to try to find Aaron.  Did I mention that they never find him?  THEY NEVER FIND HIM!  Second worst rescue this week (see my Once Upon A Time Review for the WORST rescue this week).  Miles and Rachel go one way, oh FYI, SHE WAS CHEATING ON HER HUSBAND WITH MILES! AKA MILES’S BROTHER!  Ben (the now dead brother) should so come back and haut them.  So they end up corned in a room, Miles is basically dying because of the infection in his hand, and tells Rachel it has always been her.  He’s not dead yet though.  Although since Aaron sent the Tech away I think that arm is not going to stick around.

Charlie and Monroe do a fairly good job of trying to find Aaron and Cynthia.  Until they basically get cornered and while she is on one side of a hallway and he is on the other Monroe pulls a vanishing act.  Seriously, he gives her this look and then is gone.  Don’t worry, he came back, just in time too.  Charlie, even though she is a good tracker, apparently is also very good at getting captured by people that she does not want to be captured by.  So while Charlie and Monroe are fighting off the Patriots in one room and Miles and Rachel are doing the same in the other all of the Patriots in the building just catch on fire.  No big deal, it probably won’t happen again since the Tech left Aaron, right?  Maybe?  Yeah, I’m not holding my breath for that one.

The Nevilles

This is going to be super quick.  The Neville boys board a train that is heading to the White House so that they can kill the President.  While on the train Tom sees Julia, his wife that is supposed to be died!  She is alive and just as power crazy as ever.  She ended up marrying another man to survive, but that doesn’t stop her from jumping Tom’s bones the second they see each other.  After their tryst in the train car Julia tells Tom not to kill the President because they still can get everything they ever wanted.  Personally I think you all should just run away together and be a family but hey if you want to go for complete domination that is your call.  Jason also gets to see his mom, aww cute!  But was I the only thinking, oh man he is going to kill her new husband before the train stops?  That would totally put a kink in Julia and Tom’s government domination plan.

Overall Score: B

Not as mainly good one-liners tonight so that brought down the score.  This episode moved fairly quickly and there was only one needless and annoying flashback so props for that.  I really don’t think I needed to see the Nevilles in this episode but maybe I am wrong.  Aaron, seriously, someone needs to help him reevaluate his life choices if he is going to stay on this show.  Oh but since the Tech left him does that mean he can die now?  Hmm….  This may not be a popular opinion but frankly I am glad that Aaron killed Horn, it was about damn time!

If you are a Miloe Shipper:  Seriously, Monroe stayed because he saw sick Miles was.  THERE WAS TOUCHING!  And Monroe called Miles a puppy.

If you are a Charloe Shipper: You came back.  Seriously, that is all you needed for me to write, okay. YOU CAME BACK!

If you ship Miles and Rachel: They are canon, even though it makes me super frustrated because she was married and to his brother no less.    IT IS/WAS YOUR BROTHER MILES!

If you are a Jarlie Shipper:  Smile boy, we’re going to the White House.  Yeah, I just liked that line.  Sorry, hanging in there, maybe Texas is the next stop after the White House.

5 thoughts on “Quick Review: Revolution – 2.09 Everyone Says I Love You

  1. Good review Annabelle!
    Oh god Aaron you bumble butt!
    It’s like getting the genie from the lamp with unlimited wishes and telling it to go away. Maybe seeing that his ninnying ways left Cynthia dead will snap him out of stupidville. But I’m not holding my breath 🙂
    He’s probably going to make destroying the nanites his mission in life now. That means he’ll be lolloping through the show until the end.
    There was a look, definitely a look from Charlie when Monroe went all Batman in the woods. Her face had WOW written all over it. And that sigh. Yeah she was impressed 🙂
    I liked seeing the Neville’s, they’re an entire family of wildcards!

  2. *throws up hands at Aaron then washes hands* I’m done with him. I just hope he can get it together enough to save Miles’s hand. #SAVETHEHANDOFMILES But I think you are right, he is not going to change from his ways. I really hope he does not turn against The Tech because he needs to #SAVETHEHANDOFMILES!

    It was such a wonderful Charloe episode. I try not too write too much of the shippy-ness in the review. I actually realized now that I totally skipped over the Miles and Rachel flashback, but as I am not a fan of the flashbacks (they need to find a better way to balance the flashbacks) I guess it is really not a surprise that I totally forgot to mention it.

    Anyway back to the important stuff, that being Charloe. OMG! I was so pleased with the progression that they are making. Charlie has gone from wanting to kill him to actually smiling when she sees him. Sure this might be some kind of weird savior/stockholm syndrome thing but I don’t really care. I have now started my official 7 week count down. FREAKING 7 WEEKS!!! That is way to long.

    You know the woman who plays Julia was on Grey’s Anatomy and had the misfortune of getting between on of my ships (while I try to write my reviews as a neutral shipper I am a hopeless romantic so if someone gets in the way of my ship, not good). She became ridiculously annoying to me on Grey’s so when I saw her on Revolution I was not thrilled and was kind of pleased that she was dead. Now she is back, so technically shouldn’t that derail (cause they were on a trail) Tom’s whole plan? Nope! Although I kind of did like seeing that desperate times (thinking your husband was dead) called for desperate measures (marrying some other random guy with money). Julia may not be the strongest person around but she is very devious.


    Oh yeah, I remember her on Grey’s, getting in the way of Owen & Christina. I just did a marathon catching up on that show. Saw Marcel from The Originals in pink scrubs – oh god that image will stick with me now!

    And yeah, how funny on the train. Oops thought you were dead, got married, take your pants off haha.

    The flashback wasn’t done well, didn’t seem at all important either. And what was with Rachel’s hooker hair? Not a good look.

    Seven weeks is toooo long. The hand of Miles will never make it 🙂

    • OMG! Totally forgot about him in pink scrubs! Someone needs to gif that! LOL.

      At first I didn’t even realize it was Rachel. I thought it was his ex-fiance and she was coming to tell him about being pregnant with Bass’s kid. How come they were able to make Miles look so young but they had to make Rachel look like a hooker? A crack addicted hooker too. *glares at Revolution producers* They need to reevaluate their choices as well.

      I just really hope that Charlie does not turn out to be Miles’s kid. That would totally make it harder on our Charloe ship.

      Poor Hand of Miles, we should start writing eulogies now.

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