Quick Review: Once Upon A Time – 03.09 Save Henry

Was it just me or did anyone else go, but we already this part when Once started?

The quick recap: Henry doesn’t have a heart, everyone in his family is trying to get it back to him, except Pan, that’s right Peter Pan is Henry’s Great Grand Dad.  There are also some Lost Boys and a good dose of Regina.  You want more? You know what to do

The Return of a Heart

This is going to be quick because I really do not feel like spending much time on this part.  Everyone bands together to try to get the Lost Boys to tell them where Pan is.  Regina, Snow, and Emma go after Pan.  Regina, because she has no heart at least that is my theory, is able to avoid Pan’s trap and get Henry’s heart back.  As an added bonus she also gets the box that Rumple was in.  Woohoo!!!  The heart is returned to Henry and Regina puts some super glue spell over it so it can’t come out again.  Too bad because Pan just missed his moment, he want the heart back.  Luckily Rumple is freed from the box and is able to “feel” Pan on board.  As Pan is trying to take Henry’s shadow Rumple shows up with the box and traps Pan, sort of.  While Pan is being trapped his eyes go all glowy and Henry’s eyes go all glowy so that means something is totally up.  That’s right lovely people, the WORST RESCUE EVER, is still pretty bad.  Henry is now body swapped with Pan so it’s Henry in the box not Pan.  Why do people always end up in boxes?!?

Regina Mills: Loving Mother

This was my favorite part of the episode and I was surprised.  Mostly Regina flashbacks tend to annoy me.  I do not know why but they do.  Anyway seeing her adopt Henry and finally open herself up to loving him, well it was just wonderful.  Of course now it makes me feel torn about Emma’s relationship with Henry.  Regina really does love him so what right does Emma have to try to take him away?  Hopefully they will find a balance though, right?  Yeah I’m not holding my breath either.  However, it was nice to see the more human side of Regina.  Anyone else want to know what that potion was that she took?  I am not really sure what was going on with that but give me your thoughts, I’d love to hear them.

Overall Score: C+

Mostly because you made me wait two weeks?!?!  For this!  And Henry still isn’t rescued!  Worst rescue team ever.  Seriously people if you ever get kidnapped do not ask for the Charmings et al to come to your aid.  You’ll likely end up in a tiny box and in your great grand dad’s body.  What really gives it the plus was the fact that we got to see a more human side of Regina and what she was like when she first got Henry.  I really enjoyed that and while I’m not sure it really added much to the story it was still nice to see that she was able to give the boy love.  Which I guess totally negates my previously mentioned theory about her not having a heart.  Oh well, I try.

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