Quick Review: The Originals – 1.09 Reigning Pain in New Orleans

Oh boy!  How do I even start this one?  UGH!!!  I just do not know.

Everyone showed up to dinner, some people had food, some people had blood, and some people walked away from the table being totally unfilled.  Sounds a lot like a traditional Thanksgiving right?

Okay the snapshot:  Everyone was in this episode, literally everyone and their mother, okay at least their father.  M3, Hayley, Marcel, Davina, Cami, that Father guy whose name I keep forgetting, various vampires, some werewolves that Hayley is related to, and some humans.  Pretty much all “important” humans besides Cami and her uncle die.  Everyone else makes it through the episode in pretty good shape.

Oh you want more?  You know what to do

Mikaelson Manor, both of them.

We start off at the Casa da Mikaelson Primo.  Klaus is having a huge reconnoiter with his new vampy brothers and sisters.  No one trusts each other, at all.  But they all put on a good front and the only one who has a slight temper is Hayley.  But that could be because Klaus ordered everyone to go out and kill of her living werewolf relatives.  That would make anyone upset, right?  Meanwhile Klaus is also ordering the dismantle of Segundo   Mikaelson (I always new my Spanish would come in handy) much to Bex annoyance, she paid for some of that stuff.  Elijah reminds her she never paid for anything in her life but it’s the principle of the matter, clearly.  They both go off to check on the baby mama.  Bex is totally amused by Elijah being in love with Hayley but she is willing to play dumb for while, at least until it means she has to go back to the swamp.  Seriously, who wouldn’t draw the line at the swamp!

Klaus though seemingly unaware of what his half-sibs are up to and goes on his merry way mucking about Marcel’s kingdom with Marcel tagging along for shits and giggles.   A few vampires die and as a result the “council” of New Orleans dies as well.  Except Cami’s uncle of course, cause that would totally ruin any chance of them hooking up.  Cami isn’t an slouch though, she has been recording her sessions with Klaus and is now clued into everything that is going, well for all of five minutes.  Since she spilled the beans to her uncle that she knows the sky is blue and full of vampires well he tells Klaus.  Whom then compels her to leave New Orleans and forget all about him.  They had a moment of course, which I do not think will make up for the all the crap that he has done to her mind.  Oh yeah, did I forget to mention. Davina runs to Cami in her hour of need, she found out that Marcel is lying to her and decides to run away from all vampries, and realizing that Cami has been compelled uncompelles her, very painfully.

That sound you hear? Those are the screams of people who were denied what they wanted

How fair the other Mikaelson kin you ask?  Well they go out to do some brother and sisterly bonding on the behest of Hayley.  She does not want her werewolf family to die and Elijah is more than willing to help out.  As mentioned previously Bex really could care less about the werewolves but she goes long for the ride.  Her real purpose seems to be to ferret out the truth from Elijah, that he has a THANG for Miss Hayley.  He all but admits it but alas they are interrupted by the vampires that are sent to kill the werewolves.  Foiled again!  Elijah stops the vamps and makes an interesting find, that we don’t find out about until a few scenes later.  Turns out that some of the wolves that have assembled actually are decedents from the same line of wolves that Klaus’s daddy is from.  Klaus reacts to the news with his usual, no one cares about me, I am done with everyone, attitude.  Which lasts long enough for all of those Hayley and Elijah shippers to throw themselves off the balcony at the end of the moment those to had together.  The UST was thicker than pea soup but Elijah apparently is worried about his virtue, oh wait, I mean Hayley’s life, right…  Anyway after his little “encounter” with Hayley he pops in to visit Klaus who basically says, you know brother I want you to live here, and bring Bex too.  Totally overriding what he said not 10 minutes ago, seriously it was probably less than 10 minutes.

Whom is gonna be shacking up with whom?  Well we won’t find out for several weeks so don’t go holding your breath okay, it’s really not healthy for you.

Overall Score: C

There were some very good lines in there, seriously good ones.  But the episode was choppy at best, it really tried to fit too much in at once.  At worst they stuck in stuff to fill up the time, but I’ll let you decided.  Klaus seriously needs to do something about his Dissociative Identity Disorder; he is giving me whiplash, seriously.  I cannot tell if he is being OOC or if he is just nuts.  Oh Cami, falling for a guy just because he was strung up and beaten by his dad, no girl, stay strong!  This is the same man, er vampire, who wiped all your memories and slaughtered a whole bunch of young adult hybrid vamp/wolves because they would no longer listen to him.

I actually liked Bex this episode, a totally first!  Seriously, she called Marcel on his shit.  She called Elijah on his shit.  She was actually doing a very good job of standing up on her own two feet.  Go Bex!

Davina and that other kid, they really should just skip town.  Hasn’t anyone heard of the Greyhoud?  Seriously!  Take Hayley and Elijah with you too, everyone should just leave New Orleans, get while the getting is good.

Yeah, I was kind of bored through most of the episode, I don’t think there was really stuff that didn’t need to be there but it could have been made more interesting, so that’s why the C, and no plus.  See y’all next time.

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