Quick Review: Revolution – 2.10 – The Three Amigos

Well… Then… Okay…

We saw pretty much everyone and their father. No literally, Grandpa Gene is back, woohoo!

You want more? Check out the cut my friends, check out the cut

So we start of the episode looking at the charred remains of Patriots and that Patriot leader, he is not happy. Oops!

Meanwhile a daring rescue is taking place, Gene is saved by Bass and Charlie. Leaving Gene only a little confused because Bass is suppose to be dead right? Yeah, not so much. The long and short of it is that Gene #SavedTheHandOfMiles!!! And Miles is getting better. Only water makes him sick, just in case you didn’t know that.

The Lime and The Coconut

Not two minutes after he is cured Miles, Bass, and Rachel set off to find Bass’s son Connor, who is in Mexico of all places, tequila! Connor works for the cartel down there and is totally not impressed when he meets daddy. Bass tries to talk him into going with him to get back the Republic but Connor’s not taking the bait (get it, because bass is a fish, yes, I make myself laugh). Connor’s cartel buddies drag off Bass to talk to the Boss. Now poor Rachel, who didn’t even want to be there in the first place, has to help Miles rescue Bass. From saving one daddy to saving another, total symmetry.

Black and Blue

You would think that looking after Aaron would be a simple job. Nope, Charlie and Gene, whom were tasked looking after stay puft, manage to lose him. So they decide to see what the Patriots are up to instead, because that is totally going to bring Aaron back. Anyway, Charlie does a fair bit of killing without pause, she is such a meanie, and shocks Grandpa. What, he thought that she was going to cuddle them? Their reward, oranges, lots and lots of oranges. What are these oranges for you ask? To put strange clear liquid in so that the Patriots can probably mind control people, or kill them, it’s a tossup really. I’m sure we will find out later.

Aaron has made his way to Spring City, he found Grace there. Yay friends!

The Whitehouse

Neville is totally being out-Nevilled by Julia. She made him kill some guy who is ahead of her current husband for the Chief of Staff job. Meanwhile their son is actually doing something that will probably be useful and get him killed. He opened up some documents and did some reading. Tisk, tisk, tisk, those weren’t for you Jason. I hear there is a wagon with your name on it and it’s heading back to that training facility (actually that is just me saying that, I really have no idea).

Overall Rating: B-

THERE IS SO MUCH GOING ON THAT MY BRAIN HURTS!!!! I don’t mind when things move fast in this show, it is good that they do, but this was a little much. I really think we could have cut the whole Neville thing and left that for next week. Whatever though, that is just me. The best part of the episode was totally seeing Bass and Miles interact with each other.  They were awesome and totally had the best lines out of everyone. Miloe for the win!

Shipper Report:

Miloe: Gotta save the hand of Miles. Saved the hand of Miles. ROAD TRIP!

Riles: Really you want me to go save your BFF’s son? Fine, but after this we cuddle.

Charloe: Rescue operation: Silver and Black and Blue aka Save Grandpa Gene

Jarlie: …

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