Quick Review: Revolution – 2.11 – Mis Dos Padres

The run down? We know a tiny tinie bit more about the tech. Miles and Bass really need to stop getting into fights. Connor is a softy, kinda. Charlie is just done with everyone and so is Jason.

You want more? Okay look below the cut my children, look below the cut

The Nevilles in DC

Let’s just get this out of the way right now. Basically Tom thinks that Julia is only in this whole scheme for herself and doesn’t care about him or Jason anymore. I think he is right about him, I hope she still cares about Jason. However, she might not have to care about him for that much longer. Jason, when will you learn! He broke into the office of his “step-dad” and stole a bunch of papers that show what the Patriots are planning to do to people with those retraining camps. Sadly he is just not good at covert operations and the Patriots figured out he broke into the office. Julia and Tom are trying to figure out what to do with him but it is too late. He is carted off by the Patriots, again, probably back to the retraining camp for him.

Spring Time City

Everything is coming up roses for Aaron. Okay not really. But he finds out from our good old pal Grace that since they stole the code for the tech from him that he is basically the daddy for the tech. That means that his ex-wife Priscilla is the tech’s mommy. The tech brought them both to Spring City. Which actually made Priscilla’s new husband leave her and take the kids but that is beside the point. The tech is everywhere! EVERYWHERE!!!  Yeah that is really all we learned about the tech.

Meanwhile in Mexico

Miles tries to break Bass out from the drug lord that Connor, his son, handed him over too. Things don’t go as planned though because Bass is like, no I can’t leave my boy. Both of them end up in a cell together. MILOE TIME!!!! Oh and then there is this whole thing where Connor has to whip Bass, yeah that happened. Weird part is it was also hard for Rachel to watch too. Interesting… Why was she there? Well, she is going to try to break out everyone now, and she almost manages to with Connor’s help, but alas they are caught. The drug lord daddy is very unhappy with Connor. A fight ensues and Bass, Connor, Miles, and Rachel end up having to flee. Father and son making a wonderful plan to take back the Republic, because nothing says family bonding like killing people and taking names.

Waiting in Willoughby

The Patriots are up to something! No they really actually are, and Grandpa Gene is not very happy about it because they have his friend. He decided to go against Charlie’s good judgment ant tries to get his friend back, and is almost saved by Charlie, only they are in a Patriot camp so that wasn’t going to go well. Guess who shows up, our friend Ed, and by friend I mean lying back stabbing people poisoning son of a bitch. He says that they are building the camp to deal with an outbreak. Yeah, one that you caused with those damned oranges!

Overall Rating: B

We went up this week! It did not feel as choppy as last week and there was some character development for Bass! Aww yay! Of course the highlight of the episode again was all of the Miloe stuff. They were awesome, and if you were following me while I live blogged on tumblr you would have seen some of the wonderful quotes they had. I am sad though because I think the time is almost up for one Revolutionary, if you want you can stop by the comments or ask to speculate on which one it is. Until next week my friends!

The Shipper Report

Miloe: Nothing says relationship building like being put in a jail cell together. So many good quotes, and the fight scene with them was awesome!

Riles: We saved him now can we cuddle


Jarlie:… Although who else for have a second thought that that was a retraining, or reprogramming camp like the one that Jason went to? I swear I thought they were both going to have gone through the same treatment which would give them something to bond about later. That didn’t happen though so…

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