TV Review: Gossip Girl – A Liveblog of “Dirty Rotten Scandals”

So tonight’s Gossip Girl was watched by my twin Beth, who is also a Dair fan, and myself.  Below is our liveblog of “Dirty Rotten Scandals”, or as I like to call it, the mocking of the retelling of “The Serena Also Rises”.  Enjoy, oh and this will not make sense if you haven’t watched the episode yet.  Sorry!!!  Oh and I really only like Blair on the show, so be forewarned 😀 Continue reading

Gossip Girl Review: Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

Have you all noticed that pretty much every show has done a Valentine’s Day theme over the last two to three weeks? I suspect that there is some kind of conspiracy going on. That or Hershey, Mars, and Hallmark somehow have ties to TV shows. Wait, that would be the conspiracy… Hmm…

Okay now on to what you are really here for… The review of last night’s Gossip Girl. I am splitting this review into two different sections, a Dair-ful review and a Dair-free review, cause I’m nice. Also keep in mind, I’ve only watched the episode once.

Unlike many of the other Dair-fans I fell asleep right after the episode because I was suffering from severe insomnia. Anyway on to the review (Note: the spilt is further down)

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It’s only Wednesday….

It’s only Wednesday and already the TV for this week is way better than last week; and that’s without Once Upon A Time airing (superbowl, blah)

So let’s take a look at the shows so far this week: Gossip Girl, Smash, Ringer, Glee, and New Girl
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Gossip Girl Review: Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

So, weird title right?  Nah, it’s just to show you how random I am in my music taste.

This is late, again, but I had a really bad day yesterday, I thought I lost my house keys and I didn’t get home till super late.

Anyway, enough about me, let’s get down to brass tax.  This review is going to be slightly different since it is the mid-season finale.  I will give you a quick little review and then talk about each character.  Which is so something I won’t do every time because I don’t like all the characters.  Oh FYI, this is so not in the order that it actually showed up on TV.

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Gossip Girl Review: The Body Swap

So I’m bored and avoiding work and school work again.  So why not blog?  After all I just found out the restaurant that I was planning to go to after graduation is closed, why bother looking for another restaurant when I can tell you all how I felt about Gossip Girl!!!

If you haven’t watched yet then you might not want to keep going, fair warning.

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A non-Thanksgiving GG

So this weekend was Thanksgiving weekend here.  Which means, as always, I was behind in my blogging.  Eh, I try. I have a presentation that I should really be working on instead of doing this, but I don’t wanna!

So let’s see, there really wasn’t much going on in TV Land this week, I can’t even really remember what was on because mostly things were either specials or reruns

I guess there is always Gossip Girl

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Everything Is Wonderful

Well…. For once this week I only have to go to college one day!  Thank you Thanksgiving!  I am super excited about it too, only 3 working days, how awesome!

Work, well now that creepy weird guy is like doing 20 laps around my cubical, thank god for earphones, I’m just saying.  Other than the fact that all of the males at my work place have no idea what sexual harassment means I like my job.  And I don’t have to deal with the people that annoy me a lot of the time.

So this week in TV Land…. Continue reading

The One Without a Good Title

So of all of the randomness that goes on in my life I have decided to take a break from my sad attempt at trying to write my research proposal.  I should have printed all the articles that I needed.  I do much better without the distraction of the computer right in front of me.  You would think that with all the time I spend surfing the net that there really wouldn’t be much else for me to surf, but I always manage to find something.

Okay TV for the week.

Firstly, there was no new Suburgatory!  WTH!  Stupid freaking CMA’s.  Now I like music, granted not country music, but I have respect for music in general.  I do not have respect for award shows, sure people show up looking all pretty but other than that they are pointless.  So go have your award show, but please do not air it on TV.  I swear it is annoying hearing you thank everyone and their mother over and over.

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