The One Without a Good Title

So of all of the randomness that goes on in my life I have decided to take a break from my sad attempt at trying to write my research proposal.  I should have printed all the articles that I needed.  I do much better without the distraction of the computer right in front of me.  You would think that with all the time I spend surfing the net that there really wouldn’t be much else for me to surf, but I always manage to find something.

Okay TV for the week.

Firstly, there was no new Suburgatory!  WTH!  Stupid freaking CMA’s.  Now I like music, granted not country music, but I have respect for music in general.  I do not have respect for award shows, sure people show up looking all pretty but other than that they are pointless.  So go have your award show, but please do not air it on TV.  I swear it is annoying hearing you thank everyone and their mother over and over.

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Finally Finale TV!

So I’m almost all caught up on all of my shows!  I’m so happy 😀  I got to watch 3 hours of Grey’s because I haven’t seen it two weeks.  I got to see House.  I got through one of the two Bones episodes that I missed.  Of course, I watched GG, I’m sad about that but more in a minute.  Let’s see, watched the new Matt Smith Doctor Who, eh…  And Glee of course!

I still have a few shows in my DVR to get through which is a good thing as Netflix still needs to send me an DVD to watch.

So below are my thoughts for the following: House, Grey’s, and GG.  If you haven’t seen the season finales for these shows turn back now…

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