A non-Thanksgiving GG

So this weekend was Thanksgiving weekend here.  Which means, as always, I was behind in my blogging.  Eh, I try. I have a presentation that I should really be working on instead of doing this, but I don’t wanna!

So let’s see, there really wasn’t much going on in TV Land this week, I can’t even really remember what was on because mostly things were either specials or reruns

I guess there is always Gossip Girl

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TV, I Miss You So Much!

So it’s finals week.  I just finished my final paper and one of my final exams yesterday.  The final paper, well I think it was well written but I didn’t get time to finish editing it before I had to turn it in.  So we will see about that.  The final exam, I think I got enough right to get me an A in the class.

The sad part is that my DVR is storing up with all of my favorite shows and is taunting me.  I still have one final project to finish and one more exam to study for.  Gah!  This weekend I want to just sit at home and catch up on all of my favorite shows.  I need to know what happens in the House Finale!  And GG Finale!  And Bones! And 30 Rock!  And Glee!  I could go on, but I won’t.  It just makes me sad.  Why?  Because I can’t sit home and watch my favorite shows.  Nope!  I previously committed to going to NYC this weekend with one of my friends, Maria.  So I cannot become a lump on my couch this weekend.

I miss being a lump!  I miss TV!

Procrastination, how I loath thee

I should be working my methods paper.  I really should, but right my excuse is that instead of working on the methods paper I am trying to get rid of my headache so I can focus on the methods paper.  I really should just go work on the methods paper.  I think I have to find to articles to go with said paper too.  Maybe I’ll find the articles, read them, and write the reference sheet, that way I’m not stressing about that part tomorrow.  I always do the reference sheet last.  Bad idea.

Oh I also have to write the intro for this paper.  I put a place holder for it because I didn’t know what to put but now I actually have to write something for it.  I think I’ll work on that tomorrow too.  Introductions are hard.  I honestly think that they should be the last thing that you write because you have to know what you are introducing to write the introduction.  With that reasoning you have to know what you have written in order to introduce it.  See it is a vicious cycle!

Question, can you use cycle and cyclical together in the same sentence?  It seems kind redundant to me but I always want to put them together, like a cyclical cycle.  I think it looks neat!