Short Review: The Mob Doctor

Normally I don’t write reviews for shows that have just started.  I like to give the actors a little time to get used to being their characters.  Also, to see how the non-show runner writers will handle the characters.  However, The Mob Doctor is such a crap shot on a Monday night at a relatively good time slot that I feel like I have to review it.

Fox had the chance to put a show in this time slot that would appeal to non-comedy and non-reality tv show watchers.  Instead of finding show that was actually good, or moving one of their ratings winners to this time slot, they put in The Mob Doctor.

The writing for this show is what makes it difficult to watch.  I like the concept, don’t get me wrong, but the fact that there are so many troops in every episode makes me think that the writers just do not care.  If they do not care than why should I?

So what happened on Monday?  Of course she has a fight with the other female attending because she does not want to use the little dead girl as a teaching activity.  Of course the guy that was involved in the hit and run ended up being the guy that Grace has to take care of on the side.  Oh and instead of treating the guy the right way the first time she lies and says he is okay.  Hello, Hippocratic oath anyone?

This show could have been so much more interesting if instead of taking care of the Mob patients in the back of restaurants Grace actually had real doctor tools to work with.  I mean they are the Mob, they have money.  You would think they could at least slap a descent operating room for her together, but nope, not a chance.

Anyway, I am not giving a rating for this show because after Monday’s episode I will not be watching it.  If it makes gets to air all of its already filmed episodes I will be shocked.  Especially because it is on FOX and they get all trigger happy when ratings are not good.

Short TV Review: Once Upon A Time

So for my first review of the 2012 – 2013 television season I have decided to start with one of my favorite shows, Once Upon A Time.  First of all I have to ask, how many of you actually want to type Once Apon A Time, is it just me and my phonetic spelling?  It might just be me.

If you felt you like you were watching a Quinton Tarantino movie when you reached the end of the episode you are not alone.  If you didn’t then I am alone, which I really hope is not the case.  I really thought for pretty much the whole episode the Sleeping Beauty story was being told as something that happened in Fairytale Land before the curse.  Clearly I was wrong about that.

I am not really sure how I feel about this episode.  Acting wise everyone was awesome and spot on.  I mean I spent the whole opener pretty much with tears in my eyes because of how emotional everyone was when the curse was broken.  Writing wise though, I don’t know I think it was a little all over the place which is why at the end of the episode I was going, what the heck!

Let’s get down to brass tacks though.  We will start with the story of Sleeping Beauty, aka one of the most interesting departures from the classic fairytale ever.  I say interesting because I am not sure if I liked it or not.  Keeping in mind that my only knowledge of Mulan and Aurora are from what I know from the Dinsey cartoon I was just really that into the fact that Phillip and Mulan were sporting feelings for each other.  I mean I get it, they worked side by side for 28 years, but that is not something that really had to happen.  Unless the village where everyone is hiding out in only has children in it, there had to be some other male around that Phillip could have palled around with, just saying.  Then the very non-committal “I love you,” Phillip said before he got soul sucked, sigh.  When you are about to die the least you could do would be to make a choice, at least I think so.

The far more interesting part of the episode was everything that was happening in Storybrook.  Why the heck did Whale get everyone all worked up to go after Regina?  I mean I would have gone after her too but why him?  It will be very interesting to see what his story is going to be.

Rumpelstiltskin and Belle did not get enough screen time as far as I am concerned, but their story was my favorite one from last season so I might be biased.  First of all, mad props to Belle for calling Rumpel on his BS, because really he did manipulate his word with her.  So not cool.  Thank god she came back though.  I do not think I could go through her leaving him again.  That would have been too much.

Especially given what happened with Emma and Snow!  I have to say, I understand why the writers did what they did, but I am completely and utter furious about what they did.  Snow, Charming, and Emma finally remember who they are and they get ripped apart within less than 48 hours.  It’s just so wrong.  However, this will make for very interesting story telling for the rest of the season so I applaud their efforts to get the story arch out there right at the start of the season.

I was kind of hoping that writing this review would help me to clear up my feelings about this episode but it has not.

Episode Rating:  B+
Reasoning: Good emotional acting but the writing left me feeling like the episode was just not well organized.


TV Review: Once Upon A Time and Criminal Minds: My Red Right Hand

It has been awhile since I’ve done a review. Sorry! I’ve just been lazy. Plus most of my shows are on hiatus, again. Thank goodness for May Sweeps.

So today what should we talking about? What about Once Upon A Time and Criminal Minds?

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